Golf for Your Health


Meta:Getting out and hitting the golf course is just what the doctor orders. At Nashua Nutrition, Bell lifestyle products can help you be your healthiest on the course!

Playing golf is a good exercise and comes with a lot of health benefits. Golf playing is very important for your heart. When playing golf, you tend to walk a lot around the golf course, and this is usually between five to seven kilometers. This will act as an endurance exercise for your heart. Other benefits include:

Brain stimulation
Golf involves regular walking. This is important as it strengthens your brain’s circuit. This is important as it keeps your brain and heart active. Using a Bell lifestyle product such as the Amora #80 (120 capsules) that supports healthy circulation in the body while playing golf, you are guaranteed to get a strong blood supply.

Weight loss
The recommended steps needed for weight loss in a day is 10,000. Playing golf will make you exceed the recommended number of steps. Backing up this by using a Bell lifestyle product that is rich in essential micronutrients which are derived from vitamins and minerals will enhance and support your weight loss goals.

Improved sleep
Playing golf and walking through the golf course is enough for improved sleep. Playing golf will help you sleep easily and for alonger time. Enough sleep is proven to help your muscles rest and repair. Using bell lifestyle product along playing golf, you get even more regenerative sleep. The product is made from herbs that are proven and helps to support the transition into REM sleep for a better overall health.

Drop in stress effect
Golf allows you to experience the fresh air at the golf course, with an added mental challenge while playing golf has ahealth benefit. It is proven that golf releases a natural mood enhancing chemicals in your brains known as endorphins. This chemical is responsible for making you feel relaxed and happy.

Live longer
It is proven that people who play golf are found to have a lower death rate. This is equivalent to increase of life expectancy of up to 5 years.

Low injury
Unlike many other sports, golf is a low impact activity. Golf has attracted many people of different ages as it allows you burn calories with low risk of getting an injury.

Playing golf and use of health products from Nashua Nutrition, you are guaranteed to have health benefits.