Gifts for ‘Her’ and ‘Sir’ for the Upcoming Festive Season


Just like the mentality of a guy and a girl differs like north pole and south pole, their choice of gifts also differ in the same way. This is a never-ending battle between them and this would continue till the end of the world. Anyways, the festive season is knocking at our door and we all are glared up to celebrate it with fervor and excitement.


Mesmerize Her with These Sparkling Gifts


A girl may become a woman but there are certain things that she can never shed off her character and you have to harness these things to mesmerize her in the best possible manner. Here lies some suggestions to woo her on the upcoming festive season.

  • Jewelry: No woman of any age would shy away from this category of enticing gift option. Be it a nose ring or earring or the anklet or the necklace, she would just love this gift from you. Just make sure whom are you going to gift. For example, your college going sister would love the trendy anklet or wristlet and not your mom. For your girlfriend, you can get the earring and for your mom you can get a necklace.
  • Garments: She just loves the idea of shopping and still has no choice of clothes every time she opens her big wardrobe for any party or occasion. Such is the craze for new clothes in her life. So, take her out one day for a shopping ride. Yes, you would receive a hole in your pocket but what would be more rewarding is that glittering smile on her face after the shopping spree.
  • Chocolates and Teddy Bear: She can be your sister, best friend or girlfriend/wife, you can give her a box of chocolates and a cute teddy bear on this festive occasion. She is never old to receive the chocolates and teddy bears.


Surprise Sir with Exciting Gifts

Men are the human kind that loves the simple and meaningful things which has nothing to do their appearance but a lot to do with their ease of living. Get to know some of these gifts to make him happier.

  • Electronic gadgets: It can be a laptop or mobile phone, shaving machine or the new PlayStation, power bank or the car charger or Bluetooth speaker, he would love these things that makes his life easier. So, just ask any random guy about the latest gadgets in market and get one for your boyfriend.
  • Backpack: He loves the unplanned and sudden adventure trips. That’s why a nice spacious backpack would be the best kind of gift for him. Be it your brother or boyfriend, he would welcome this backpack with excitement for sure.
  • Perfumes and watches: This is the deadliest combination of goodness and style for a man. He loves these things and have a lot many of these. So, if you are away from your best friend or lover, just pack some of these and send gifts to Ahmedabad and wish him the best on this festive season.


But before you start choosing and sending gifts to Ahmedabad, New Delhi, or Mumbai, brush up your gift ideas a bit by having a look above where we have segregated the gift variety as per men and women preferences.