How to Get Your Hair to Grow Longer and Healthier


    You would never guess from looking at my hair now, but just a few short years ago I couldn’t get my hair to grow below my shoulder. It would always snap and break, with split ends aplenty. In fact, my hair would snap all the way up the crown.

    Not only was it breaking, but it was extremely prone to falling out too. While I would always treat it to the best products that money could buy, and I could make it look good, it certainly was far from healthy.

    My hair now?

    It’s almost to my waist. While I must admit that it still gets some split ends, that’s more of a function of my irregular trips to get it trimmed. It no longer breaks along the shaft at all, it looks shinier and more healthy, and it’s not falling out anywhere near as much.

    Over the course of a few years I’ve completely turned things around. And you can too!

    Since I’m a big fan of sharing tips that really work, I thought I would share my steps to achieving pretty, waist length hair with you. Now, I’m not saying it will be easy, but it’s definitely doable.

    Step 1: Put down the heating tools

    The first thing I did that I think has made the biggest effect on my hair health is by putting down the hair dryer and straightening irons. They’re in storage and they don’t come out except for very special occasions. Even though I was using heating spray and some really good tools, heating my hair every second day was wreaking havoc on my hair.

    How did I manage to do it? By finding another way to dry my hair so that it looked good. For me, this was putting my hair in a bun while it was drying. When dry, voila, loose, relaxed waves. You can even do this overnight if you don’t have time in the morning.

    Step 2: Making sure to get the right vitamins

    I did a bit of research into seeing what supplements I could take to help with my hair and found a list of the best: biotin, niacin, B vitamins, vitamin D, and vitamin A. I found the ideal multivitamin with Supps R Us that combined the levels that I need and started taking it on a daily basis.

    My diet was pretty healthy to begin with, however taking that multi meant that I wouldn’t have to worry when I had a day where I wasn’t getting all my nutritional needs met.

    Step 3: Choosing a colour that works for you

    Did I love being a full blonde? You bet I did! However, as a natural ash brown, my hair did not love the constant bleaching. Bleaching strips your hair of its natural goodness which means that it is weaker, and more susceptible to breakage.

    So, it was time to set the blonde to rest. I now have an ombre look, which means that you can go for much longer between dye jobs. The ends of my hair are now a lighter brown rather than the ash blonde I used to love.

    Is it a sacrifice? Yes.

    But I think it’s one totally worth doing for the sake of my hair’s health. It’s also important to pick a very skilled hairdresser who knows exactly what they’re doing – whether it costs you hundreds of dollars or not!

    And that’s really all there was to it for me. With just a few simple steps my hair has gone from a bit of a hot mess, to more of a healthy beach goddess look. Try it out for yourself and notice the difference.