Garcinia Cambogia Extract – Doctor-Recommended Weight Loss Supplement


Garcinia Cambogia is a 100% natural formula based on pure Garcinia Cambogia fruit extract, which is scientifically and clinically proven to support permanent weight loss and sustained weight management.

This highly innovative dietary supplement is enriched with chromium picolinate, a key trace mineral which enhances the high potency and effectiveness of this natural extract with fat-fighting, fat-blocking, appetite-suppressing and health-improving benefits.

Touted as “the newest and fastest fat burner” by Dr. Julie Chen and “the Holy Grail” of weight loss supplements, this natural extract continues to grab media attention worldwide, the rationale being that achieving and maintaining a normal weight naturally is correlated with optimum overall health.

Medical studies also suggest that this pure fruit extract reduces the risk of cholesterol-related medical disorders such as blocked arteries, cardiovascular diseases and heart attack.

Each capsule (500 mg) of Garcinia Cambogia Plus ( 90 capsules) is standardized to contain 50% Hydroxyciclic Acid or HCA, the bioactive compound of this natural extract. Extensive clinical trials have shown that HCA has a plethora of benefits on the human health and it is extremely safe and highly effective for natural weight loss.

All this comprehensive evidence has led medical doctors and nutritionists worldwide to fully recommend this extract for consistent weight management and weight loss.

Why is Garcinia Cambogia the Weight Loss Supplement Recommended By Doctors, Including Dr. Oz

  1. This extensively researched and medically backed formula is able to support appetite control and to reduce calorie and carbohydrate intake, by eliminating unhealthy cravings throughout the day.

Thus, because it curbs the appetite, this supplement allows the user to eat only when it is necessary to nourish his/her body. In addition, it is also very useful for people with compulsive eating disorders, primarily caused by an unbalanced mood.

  1. Therefore, this natural supplement also supports a balanced mood, because it boosts the serotonin levels in the brain and it regulates cortisol, which is the stress hormone. A high level of serotonin not only helps to ease cravings, but also increases the state of well-being and happiness.

In addition, serotonin also helps to regulate the wakefulness and sleep cycle, thus preventing insomnia and other serotonin-deficient disorders.

  1. Doctors have always warned against excess fat – the enemy of human health. This advanced formula blocks the production of new fat cells from foods, while intensifying the burning of stored fat, by promoting a healthy albeit accelerated fat metabolism.

Because it inhibits the enzyme ATP citrate lyase, which is responsible for the conversion of carbs into fatty acids, HCA is able to suppress fat production naturally and with no change in the regular diet.

  1. This dietary supplement supports a healthy digestive function and it is also recommended by doctors to individuals who suffer from various digestive disorders. In addition, it decreases the level of LDL (bad) cholesterol, while increasing the level of HDL (good) cholesterol.
  2. It supports an increase in lean muscle mass, because HCA converts the extra sugar into glycogen, while releasing more energy, highly beneficial for the human body.

Thus, in addition to fueling the body with energy resulted from burning stored fat, the increase in glycogen (found both in the liver and in muscles) helps the user enhance the muscle mass, without an intensive workout routine.

  1. This unique supplement is enriched with chromium picolinate, which is clinically proven to regulate the insulin levels. Because the enzyme ATP citrate lyase is activated by insulin, a reduction in insulin leads to inhibition of this enzyme and thus to sustained weight loss.

The Recommended Dose of Garcinia Cambogia

Dr. Oz recommends for appetite suppression and reduction of carb and calorie intake a dose of 500 mg ( 1 capsule ) three times a day, preferably before each meal for optimum results. For natural fat loss and sustainable weight reduction, Dr. Oz recommends 1000 mg ( 2 capsules) three times a day.

Never exceed the recommended dose and always consult with your physician prior to taking these capsules if pregnant, breastfeeding or suffering from severe medical conditions.