Flowers For Death Anniversaries


A death anniversary is when we pay tribute to a loved one who is no more present in the physical world with us. This is the day when we had lost them and thus we celebrate the day by commemorating their presence beside us during all the times. Let us discuss some of the gifts which are apt for death anniversaries.
• Expression of our love through flowers
The best way to convey our love and gratitude is to pay tribute to the deceased ones by sending flowers. These are an expression of our undying love for them and we cangift flowersfor this. Even if we are not able to find fresh flowers around us, we can order flowers online and send it to them. After this we can be great assured that they will receive the flowers in no time. A bunch of fresh aromatic flowers in front of the deceased one tells a whole lot of story. They say, the aroma from these flowers travel to them and they are assured that be it whatever we still remember them on the day they left us.
• Donate seats
One of the most unique ways to pay a tribute to them would be to donate a few benches or seats in a park or at a social place with their names inscribed on it. This way their memories are fresh and also the money which is spent on these are used for a good cause where it serves people and helps them relax. We can buy seats at the favourite place of the deceased one so that they continue to remain there in many years to come. It can be at a park, or a library or even a theatre, whichever place they liked the best would always carry a place to sit with their name inscribed in it.
• Organize a special ceremony
We can organize a special ceremony by calling over their favourite people and the ones who cared for them. We can hold a remembrance ceremony and talk about the good times that they had shared with us and enriched our life with positivity and love thus reminiscing the special bond they held together. We can also play their favourite music all this while so that wherever they are, even if they are watching us from up above the sky, they’ll know that we will always remember their presence in life.
• Light a sparkle for them
Traditionally the way in which we organize a remembrance ceremony is to light a candle around the picture of the deceased one and mourn about their death. We can also choose to hold a ceremony to provide consolation to the family and speak of motivating and positive things to encourage the mourning family and inspire them to move on. We can also choose to light a cracker to demarcate that we welcome them back with light and honour.
• Write a memoriam or poem for them
The best way to vent out our grief would be to write it down as penning thoughts has been considered extremely therapeutic and it has been observed that people who write their hearts out, can do away with most of their grief. Thus, this step, however backward it may seem is extremely powerful and it helps us cope up with our sadness. We can write about all the special times that we had shared with them and howmuch wemiss themnow and will miss them till we are alive.
These are some of the gifts that we can provide during death anniversaries.