The use of emoji when the words fail to communicate


What is the emoji and why do we use them?

Emojis are the small icons like smiley faces, hearts of all the shapes, winking eyes, sad smiley and all other that we use in our text messages, social media and also in our emails. They are very trendy nowadays because you can use them in your words instead of writing your feelings in the textual description. They are the short form to convey your sense to the second person. We know that the picture is a worth of thousands of words. One picture can describe each thing that we want to convey our messages. That’s why their usage is increasing day by day.

We can’t label the emoji because their meaning varies according to their shape. Now, it is easy to understand the emoji meaning.

The usage of emoji in our messages and social media life:

There are infinite ways through which the emoji can be used. You can use it in your messages and also in the social media purposes to describe your feelings. Some of the best, unique and most common ways in which they are mostly used,

  • If you want to lighten the particular mood by introducing the humor or the sarcasm
  • You can also use them to soften a blow
  • They are the powerful ways to express your feelings in the right way
  • When your words fail to communicate, they are the best option for you.

There is a very vast number of emoji dictionary that you can use in your daily life. All of them are available at the emojiry website. If you want to use well all the emoji, then you have to visit the website to get a better idea about them. This site is filled up with unique and vast emoji dictionary.