Everything you want to know about spotting between periods


Women get worried when they get spotting between periods. The majority women suffer spotting between periods. The symptoms are also weird. If you are having this problem, you have to go through this article. This article contains all the related information.

The duration of menstrual periods is around twenty days. You can see the blood coming for four to five days. Nevertheless, spotting or bleeding may be seen between 2 successive menstrual cycles. A lot of women ignore this but this can become a serious issue if not take right measures. Even it can lead to failure of reproductive system.



In case you are taking birth control pills, blood discharge can occur. Birth control pills are one of the main reasons of bleeding. Even after the period has gone, you will still observe spotting. This is because sometimes you can forget to have the pill. IUD and other types of birth control devices are also the reason of rough spotting.

Another reason of unusual bleeding or spotting can be reproductive system cancer. The cancer can be uterine, cervical, vaginal or ovarian. If you do not take good care and do not see a specialist doctor in time then due to lack of in-time treatment, cancer can be fatal. A timely treatment through a well-known doctor can save from the harmful and painful consequences of cancer. If you are having bleeding or spotting then it can be a symptom of a disease caused by sexual transmission or bacterial infection. Ovarian cyst or uterine fibroids can be the reason of this issue. Another cause of regular bleeding can be poly cystic ovary syndrome in which various cysts spread in ovary. Chlamydia and Gonorrhea are also other reasons of irregular vaginal bleeding and can harm the reproductive system.

Other Causes

Ovulation process is related with spotting between periods. At the time of ovulation process, ovarian follicle which have become old and mature gets opened and release the egg. Blood discharge can be seen during this process. The side effects of this process are abdominal pain and cramps. You will have to suffer pain in this process.

Other causes of spotting between periods are the symptoms and signs of menopause. The vagina release blood in this time. Your physician can help in this time as conditions can be worse.

Just to summarize the causes of bleeding between periods are:

  • If you are having ovulation
  • if you had unprotected sex with someone and have become pregnant
  • suffering from hypothyroidism
  • if you are going through uterine fibroids
  • a lot of stress, anxiety and tension (stress can lead to a lot of spotting and irregular bleeding)
  • if you have used a lot of emergency birth control pills
  • if you have forgotten to take regular birth control pill (skipping or missing birth control pill can deteriorate the estrogen levels and hence can lead to spotting.

These were the causes. You should not become stressed. Just go and see your doctor and ask what to do. Your doctor will guide you and recommend appropriate treatment. You can read more about women issues in the full details here.