Endless technology to make you laugh


It is enough to review the vignettes of any newspaper in circulation, usually chasing laughter and complicities from the last page of the newspaper, to realize that graphic humor prefers themes such as love and dislike, issues derived from the political universe, human relations, Sexuality and other matters of existential order. In evidence, to make humor laugh requires the partner to participate and know what is being talked about.

What happens to technology? Can their themes be useful to spark laughter? The lives of many are injected with technology and, in the meanwhile, the ups and downs of that industry could well be used to make people laugh. However, in the humorous strips do not forget the references to Windows, iPhone and cloud computing, to mention in tech news some strictly technological cases.

“If you make jokes about cell phones, GPS or WiFi I think there are no major problems because they are issues that almost everyone drives. But if I make a joke about an app or about a secure router people will be left out, unless it’s being published in a technology magazine and the reader is aware of specific issues, “explains Franco DattaMagazine, a graphic humorist who does not disdain Technology as the theme for their jokes. Caspirito, his creation, sees the Windows logo when opening the window of his room, and does not hesitate to analyze how technology has altered the core of our language.

Author shares with us a look analogous to someone: “In general humor is built from something that works poorly. If I do a drawing that revolves around the ‘did you try to turn it off and on again?’, Surely a lot of people will understand it, and maybe enjoy it, because almost everyone goes through that. Instead, if I make one on the captchas it’s going to be for a more restricted audience. ” Summarizes: “For the humorous effect to occur, it is essential that the author and the recipient share a minimum amount of information and knowledge on the subject being addressed.”

Now, what about technology that makes you laugh? “I find interesting the clash with our daily life, whether the technological terms we incorporate into our life or how we live pending technology, how we do or stop doing things to be invaded by it. I also consider that not understanding it or the rapid change of it is part of the joke, “says Rosa.

“In all ‘worlds’, not only in technology, you can find motives to make you laugh. The key is in the eye of the beholder. For example, Caloi and Fontanarrosa made great humorous pieces about football. It would be very difficult for me to do the same thing because I do not have the same talent, but also because I understand very little football.

In contrast, science and new technologies are topics that interest me a lot and about which I try to know more. In this ‘world’ the raw material from which they like to work is the relationship that humans establish with technology. ”

As an epilogue, we ask humorists why technology being such an issue in our lives, it is not usual that this is a common currency of humor. According to Daniel Paz, that was one of the merits and precursory signs of Quino, the creator of the brilliant Mafalda. “(Quino) reflected through his humor the changes that occurred in the world and in Argentina from the second half of the sixties. One of them was the irruption of TV in everyday life, “he explains.

Looking for an explanation for the brief presence of technology in the humor strips, Franco Rosa releases a multidirectional conclusion: “Perhaps a little has to do with not letting readers out of the joke. Or to follow a certain line of jokes: some prefer more existentialists, other games of words, others the absurd.

Maybe also ignoring about technology is a cause of not touching the subject. Perhaps future generations of comedians will attend to these issues because they were born with digital boom, the generation that is currently in the forefront are the generation that lived the change and have nostalgia for the most disconnected era and is a little more critical with pending Of technology “.