Most Efficient Gas Fireplaces 2017


There are many reasons gas fireplaces are the most popular heating solution in recent years. Gas fireplaces are very easy to use, have many design options, and are extremely energy efficient.

First of all, gas fireplaces can often be operated with a thermostat or a remote control, making them easy to use and allowing you to control the temperature of your home with ease. Secondly, there are tons of unique designs available. From traditional rectangular fireplaces to modern styles that come in many different sizes and materials to suit almost any type of home interior.

Finally, gas fireplaces made today can offer energy savings, like setting the fireplace to only run at scheduled times. To help you understand what some of the best fireplaces on the market are currently offering, compiled below is a list of the best gas fireplace in 2017, in no particular order.

Pleasant Hearth Gas Fireplace

One of the most reviewed gas fireplaces is the Pleasant Hearth with duel fuel technology and 20,000 BTU/hour. This fireplace has the ability to heat a space up to 700 square feet easily. In fact, this fireplace doesn’t need a chimney or flue to work. This vent free fireplace uses either natural gas or liquid propane to bring warmth to your home. This unit is controlled with a thermostat and doesn’t use a remote control. Furthermore, at just 58 pounds and a minimum clearance design it is super easy to install.

ProCom Gas Fireplace

This sturdy gas fireplace is made from steel, which allows the heat to radiate from the front very well. The ProCom is vent free and operates with a dual fuel stove and 25,000 BTUs. This fireplace needs to be set up and can be a bit complicated to put together. However, once installed this fireplace will start easily with the ignitor and heats any room nicely. To optimize this fireplace’s full potential it is recommended to purchase a blower.

Burkfield Gas Fireplace

The Franklin Electric Fireplace is a beautiful model, with a real log effect and a black cast iron finish. This fireplace is easy to use It comes with an adjustable flame to control the brightness. Plus, it even has thermostat control that allows the user more control. This fireplace was built with safety in mind, with a safety thermal cut-off device to protect your home. Plus, the energy saving features allow you to conserve energy while warming your home.

Ashley Gas Fireplace

This fireplace is designed to heat up to 1,000 square feet with 31,000 BTUs. The Ashley fireplace is vent-free and can be hooked up to any thermostat easily. This sleek design has hidden controls, which are easily accessible by the swing-down bottom panel. The premium, hand-crafted log set is very realistic looking with or without flames. Plus, the high-gloss enameled porcelain finish is both durable and beautiful in just about any type of space.

Napoleon Gas Fireplace

The Napoleon cast iron fireplace is vent free and has advanced technology. Made with amazing attention to detail, both the style and design are sure to please the most discriminating of tastes. The fireplace has a realistic flame and glowing embers, with a ceramic log set for a natural wood burning appearance. The Napoleon is made with a safe guard gas control system safety screen and an oxygen depletion sensor for your protection.

In the end, it really doesn’t matter which gas fireplace you choose as they’re very efficient and safe to use. They’re often designed with sensors and a double-paned safety screen that protect pets, children, and anyone else from touching the hot glass. In fact, many fireplaces are often custom built to user specifications to match a room’s decor.

In terms of style it ultimately comes down to personal preference, while heat output is a factor you want to pay more careful attention to since you want to choose a fireplace that heats your home up to a comfortable temperature. Therefore, always check the manufacturer’s guidelines to understand more about the heat out, efficiency and other important factors.