How Effective are Cold Packs to Treat Pain and Swelling


The cold packs are both easily-available and provide effective treatment for pain and swelling. But unfortunately it is an underutilized treatment as many of us don’t know the immense benefits and therapeutic use of ice packs. The people need to be more enlightened for the use of cold packs in curing pain.

How the cold ice pack for pain relief actually works? The ice constricts the blood vessels to reduce the tissue temperature, which ultimately helps in decreasing inflammation, pain and swelling. It also assists in spreading nutrient to the affected area while lowering down the tissue damage and muscle spasm.

The four stages occurred during the treatment of ice viz. cold, burning, numbness and aching. The point to be noted, the icing is never recommended because it feels good when you’re doing it, but because it is a proven method against the pain and inflammation. Even though some people think heat heals better and faster, since it dilates the blood vessels. But icing seems to be a beneficial cure for strains, fractures and sprains.

There is a good evidence for icing arthritis knees, hips, ankles, necks, backs and shoulders. It is a misconception in the minds of public that icing can be done within the first 48 hours of the injuries. Some people after undergoing vigorous physical activity ices everything or almost fill up a tub with ice and get in to soothe down the muscles.

For a chronic shoulder pain, icing is regarded as the most reliable pain management tool. It also benefits in the medical conditions such as inflammation, pinched nerves, muscle compression syndrome and many more. The cold packs are really effective in decreasing swelling.

There are three ways of Icing that constitutes ice massage, ice bath and ice pack.

ü  Ice pack:

Put the re-usable ice packs or put crushed ice in a plastic bag over the affected area for the treatment. Don’t forget to put a towel or a T-shirt between the ice and skin so as to prevent any kind of burn. Use it for 15-20 minutes.

ü  Ice Bath:

It is an ideal way to treat pain in the hands, forearms, feet and ankle. Immerse the painful part in a bucket of ice cold water. Put it for almost 10 to 15 minutes. The body part must be in a constant move during the treatment so as to create a pumping effect and to reduce swelling properly.

ü  Ice Massage:

Freeze the water into hard ice. Use it in a continuous motion over the affected area for 5 to 10 minutes. It is also helpful in achieving the desired effect.

So, these are the ways you can opt for icing therapy. For more details and information click here The website guides with a comprehensive knowledge about the use of cold packs. The professionals here are highly committed to improve your physical health and fitness. The team is dedicated to help you recover from pains and injuries.