Dyu Smart Bike D1 Review


It is the year 2017, and things are getting smarter and better. 21st Century is the Century of Electronic evolution, there are gadgets which monitor your health conditions, there are Smart and durable electric Cars, and there are electric bikes.  Dyu Smart Bike D1 is one of the best Ebike in 2017. This Ebike is Smart and comes with the App which allows you to control the bike.

Dyu D1 is developed by F-Wheel. F-Wheel is the high-tech company which focuses on the smart electronic products. Since its inception in 2012, the company has served thousands of customer in more than 50 Countries. The company was started by the former staffs from the well-known international enterprises. The company is known for its innovative ideas, smart and durable products. The company has won more than 40 domestic and international patents and awards.

Dyu smart bike D1 is a smart Ebike. This bike has all the qualities of a good Ebike. Dyu D1 is super light-weight with stylish appearance. The Ebike has front and back light, the function of constant speed cruising and it is durable.

Dyu D1 is Portable which means you can just fold the bike and put it in the trunk of your car and you are ready to move. The Ebike weight is 12 KGs only, and its comfortable handle allows you to lift up the bike and move it easily.  You can take this bike anywhere because of light weight. After the folding the bike takes only 505mm spread size and 200 mm Folding size.

Dyu D1 Ebike is very intelligent, and it comes up with a dedicated Mobile Application. Mobile Application secure your bike with the Smart Unlock feature. The app allows the users to adjust the speed of the Ebike. One of the best features of this app is Malfunction Self Checking. Malfunction Self-checking records the performance of Ebike and tells its users about a malfunction in the Ebike. The self-checking function allows you to mark the function you want to monitor in the Ebike so that you will have the full control of the Ebike. The self-checking function can monitor the functions like Brake handle, Shift handle, Battery, Control board, etc. This feature will keep you aware of the all the changes on the bike and will inform you about any malfunction so that you could fix that issue and avoid any mishap.

The Motor which runs this beast is state of the Art and provide maximum performance. The motor is 250W and 36V high-speed brushless motor which offers fast speed and Strong power. The motor offer speed of 20-30 KM/H.

Dyu Smart Bike D1 is IP54 certified which means you can use it in all weather conditions. Ebike also has very comfortable gravity distracting seats which ensure that your ride is comfortable.
This Ebike is equipped with Damping Tires which ensure the bike movement in all terrains. Damping tires make this beast suitable for all road conditions. You can use it on surfaces like Sandstone, ramp, speed bump, and tiles.

There is dedicated button on the handle for cruising, no need to rotate the handle bar; Ebike will work at constant speed. You can cruise at the constant speed of 20-30 KM, and you can adjust the speed from your mobile App. Dyu Smart bike D1 is equipped with highly bright induction headlight which ensures you the maximum visibility at night and highly bright brake warning light. Dyu smart bike D1 has high sensitive disc brakes.

Dyu Smart Bike D1 is made from strong Aluminum Alloy to make it light-weight, durable and reliable travel partner. The frame of this bike is solid and dependable. This bike has been built with the finest and state of the Art technology. Different tests have been performed to check its performance, durability, and reliability. The product come in two colors Black and White.

Battery Performance

Dyu D1 Ebike also has smart charging protection. Its battery has the following features:

  • Over-Heat Protection feature uses the technology which keeps the battery cool.
  • Shortcut Protection protect your Battery from the short circuit and keeps you and your Ebike safe.
  • Over-current Protection allows to pass the current which is required by the battery; the excessive power shifts to the ground.
  • Over-Voltage Protection feature protects your battery from the over voltage which results in better performance and long battery life.
  • Over-Charging Protection keeps the battery from over-charging.
  • Over-Discharging Protection ensures the maximum performance of the battery. This technology keeps the battery from over-discharging.

    The company offers the Dyu D1 Ebike in 2 Variants. All the features remain the same except deluxe variant come with the front and rear disc brakes.

    • Standard Variant has 4.4 ah battery. Standard Variant offers Mileage of 20 Kilometers on the charge on 2 hours.
    • Deluxe Variant have 10 ah battery. Deluxe variant has a bigger battery, and it offers the Mileage of 40 Kilometers on 6 hours Charge.

      Dyu Smart Bike has all qualities and features of the great Ebike. There are features which make this Ebike really smart and make it your reliable partner. With the features like Smart, unlock and Self-checking function make the App Great.
      The Dyu Smart bike D1 offers you Durability, Reliability, High-performance Battery, powerful motor, Comfortable seats, High sensitive disc brakes that sum up to a Great Package. If you are looking for Best Ebike, we recommend the Dyu Smart Bike D1.