Divorce Lawyers and Family Attorneys – Are they the Same?



In the broader sense of the word, the term family lawyer is often interchanged with the word divorce lawyer. However, with Divorce Law becoming a separate and specialized field of family law, it would be right to say that all divorce lawyers are not family lawyers but the vice versa is true. In the past, when there were very few divorce cases to be handled, family lawyers were designated the task of handing all cases pertaining to adoption, legal separation, marital discord, etc. With divorce rates moving skywards in the past century or so, this specialized part of family law is being dealt with separately. However, even in current times, it is not uncommon to find family attorneys dealing with divorce cases to add to their portfolio.

In general Divorce Law is responsible for dealing with several aspects of a couple’s life when they file in their papers to seek divorce. Some of the most critical areas of concern would include:

Child Support

This is the amount that becomes payable by the non-custodial parent to address the financial requirements of children in consideration. The said amount would encompass the costs of clothing, shelter, education and so forth. It is important for providing adequate funds for addressing the current and future needs of children; the amount is not a means of providing support to the custodial parent.

In most divorce cases, either parent is given the right to hold the physical custody of children borne out of marriage. It is not very often that joint physical child custody is given to both the parents. The court strives to keep siblings with the same parent whenever possible.


Spousal support or alimony is based on several factors and is generally awarded to the deserving person. This financial support can be either temporary or permanent to align with the court ruling.

Division of assets

As per experienced divorce and family lawyers linked with the reputed attorney firm  Chris Kirker & Holly Davis, the division of assets happens to be among the most difficult of tasks in any divorce matter. Be it the house, jewelry, property, investment plans or any other joint assets acquired or held in the years of marriage, the division has to be considered keeping a lot of variables in mind. The property under the ownership of either spouse, before the marriage took place, does not get added to the assets to be divided during a divorce.


Visitation rights refers to the time permitted to the non-custodial parent to enjoy with his or her children. The time awarded would differ from one divorce case to another and is dependent on the desires of children and both parents.

Your divorce case is also unique. It is well-advised to reach out to an experienced divorce lawyer to address your concerns. In case you have any other family case in hand, a skilled family lawyer would be more helpful and effective for your cause.