Divorce Lawyers- Beyond Separation and Living Apart


Even when you think a divorce will be easy because the both of you seem to agree on everything, an experienced divorce attorney is still important. A divorce goes beyond separating and living away from each other. It involves breaking a contract that can lead to major consequences in life. While you may currently be getting along and handling your issues amicably, differences can arise later on. If you still need to be co-parents, you will require documents that provide guidance for these circumstances.
Uncontested Divorce
• When spouses agree on all major issues such as child support and alimony, sharing time with the children and dividing assets and liabilities, you can file for an uncontested divorce. You will both be required to agree to a marital settlement agreement and sign it. This is a legal document that is filed with the court as well as the final judgment of dissolving the marriage.
• A poorly drafted settlement agreement may end up creating more problems along the way if one of the spouses decides that they have changed their minds about certain terms. When a settlement agreement is properly drafted, the courts have the ability to enforce the terms.
• The settlement agreement outlines the wishes that spouses agree on, including who pays certain liabilities, who keeps the assets, talks about alimony and the matters that pertain to the children, including medial issues, religious choices, schooling choices, support and more.
Contested Divorce
When you and your spouse are an unable to agree on any aspect of the divorce, this becomes a contested divorce. It is advisable to have an experienced divorce lawyer to assist you with the process. Along with petitioning the court for a divorce, spouses also need to file a parenting plan, financial affidavits and many other documents. Find the best divorce lawyers in Houston here.
• Depending on the law of the state, you may be required to provide each other with al the financial information. With processes such as mandatory disclosure, a lawyer will make sure that your spouse provides all the required documents as stipulated by the law.
• A divorce can be contested for various reasons that may end up in court as additional issues. For instance, although you might agree that your spouse will be with the children most of the time, they may not allow you to have time with the children at all. These are differences that can be dealt with in court or mediation.
• In some situations, a spouse has valid reasons for preventing the other spouse from being with the children such as substance of physical abuse. Without a court order, spouses cannot keep children away from other spouses but the court can be petitioned for an order for supervised or no visitation.
• Child support is another example. While a spouse may feel entitled to a specific amount, the spouse is actually entitles to what is contained in the statutes and guidelines for child support. An experienced divorce lawyer can help you establish the right amount of child support or amount that should be paid.
• If you are considering divorcing your spouse or have been served with a divorce petition, contact a legal professional for a consultation and find out more about your rights.