Discover the Benefits of a High Protein Meal for Dogs


High protein meals are great not only for us active humans but also for our active, loved and cherished pets. Essentially protein’s benefits lay within the supply and demand of nutrients within both you and your dog’s body. The more active we both are, the more our body needs protein to help recover, tone and build muscle (among many other bodily functions). Without this increase in protein the rate at which we recover, tone and build muscle becomes much slower. When dogs eat high protein meals after physical activity, they get the fuel that their bodies need, which is important to their health.

Just like you would find specialized foods packed with protein at a health store, it’s also possible to find a lot of high protein foods for dogs. From dog supplements to high protein dog foods, biscuits and treats, you can surely find a product that not only your dog will benefit from but it will also be something your dog will love to eat. While your local pet store is great for convenience you will find bigger discounts and a larger selection of products online.

What is the difference between a high protein meal and normal dog food?

Standard dog food usually contains more carbohydrates and fat than a high protein alternative. This is suitable for dogs that aren’t overly active and don’t require the additional protein. As well, protein is expensive and is usually the reason behind the increase and difference in price. While carbs are good for energy, too much carbs can make your dog sluggish. For an active dog the increase in protein that a high protein dog meal provides, promotes not only the development and recovery of muscle but also a healthier skin and glossier coat.

How to find the right dog food?

Finding the right formula shouldn’t be hard. Look for a formula from a trusted manufacturer and then give your dog the recommended quantities. It’s vital to follow instructions – don’t overfeed or underfeed. In general, you’ll base the quantity on body weight and most dog foods come with charts which help dog owners give their pooches the right amount of food.

In terms of which brand to buy, consider brand reputation, price, amount and customer reviews of the specific high protein dog food. You will need to know that you’re choosing a formula which is a proven winner. Luckily, the Internet makes this process very easy.

One other piece of advice is to talk to your dog’s vet about which type of dog food is best for your pooch. Your vet is a dog expert and knows what these animals need in terms of nutrition. There is really no substitute for a vet’s expertise, education and training.