Difference between Investigative Journalism and Investigative Journalist


Investigative Journalism is kind of journalism in which reporters are deeply investigate a single topic of interest such as serious crime, political corruption, or corporate wrong doing. An investigative journalist may spend months or years researching and preparing a report. Here we are going to discuss this topic through the Hindi News Kohram (This is the Hindi News website) in detail below:

What is Investigative Journalism?

Investigative journalism is finding, reporting and presenting news which other people try to hide this. It is very similar to the standard news reporting, except that the people at the centre of the story will usually not help you and may even try to stop you doing your job.

In much of their work, the facts are easy to find in such places as the courts and parliaments, disasters, public meetings, churches and sporting events. People are usually happy to provide journalists with news World News Hindi. Indeed, in many countries, thousands of people work full time in public relations, giving statements, comments, press releases and other forms of information to journalists.

The job of journalists is to let people know what is going on in the community, the society and the world around them. Journalists do this by finding facts and telling them to their readers or listeners.

What is an Investigative Journalist?

Investigative journalism is the process of researching and telling a story, usually one that someone else is trying to hide.   As writers who investigate and report information with the purpose of facilitating change, investigative reporters are behind many of the reforms that we see today.

An investigative reporter needs to have:

  • Curiosity
  • Passion
  • Initiative
  • Logical thinking, organization and self-discipline
  • Flexibility
  • Good team working and communication skills
  • Well-developed reporting skills
  • Broad general knowledge and good research skills
  • Determination and patience
  • Fairness and strong ethics
  • Discretion
  • Citizenship
  • Courage

Who should we investigate?

Journalists should be able to expose abuse, corruption and criminal activities in all fields of public life, but the main areas include the following:

  1. Governments
  2. Companies
  3. Criminals