Diet to Go Pros and Cons, Coupons, and More


Diet to Go is a popular weight loss food delivery service that helps people lose weight without having to cook. Let’s look at the pros and cons of the program

Diet to Go Pros

Taste, Quality, and Choice of Foods: Diet to Go has some great qualities to it such as having natural products and fresh items that are included in every meal. Not only that, but there are 2 different plans you can choose from as far as the size of the meals is concerned. There is also an amazing variety of different meals that you can chose from with Diet to Go. Diet to Go provides meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Thus you are covered for all meals of the day.

Everything is Included: The meals generally have a source of lean protein and plenty of vegetables. You also get to enjoy a small snack or dessert. The meals are already cooked and ready to eat when they arrive at your home. They just need to be heated up. This makes Diet to Go very convenient. You don’t have to prepare your own food nor do you have to go grocery shopping.

Zero work and total peace of mind: Diet to Go is zero work for you as far as food prep and grocery shopping goes. There is also total piece of mind with knowing that what you are consuming in your meals is actually good for you and has what your body needs rather than what you body is craving for. Diet to Go has taken away the hassle and work in making a good meal for yourself.

It is Effective: The company’s mission is to help people lose weight and understand portion control.They are effective in their mission because they have combined the right foods. Their secret lies within the small portions and the amount of protein, vitamins and minerals that they contain. There are many people who have used Diet to Goand loved it. It’s easy to find testimonies all around the web.

No Commitment at All: There is a beauty in Diet to Go other than the great food that you consume. Diet to Go does not require that you sign up or ask you to be a member in order to buy their products. There are actually no strings attached when you buy their products. Their contract free service makes Diet to Go even more desirable to their consumers.

It Doesn’t Really Feel Like a Diet: Diet to Gooffers a big variety of different meals allowing you to pick and chose what it is that you want to eat. If you don’t like a certain meal, you can choose not to include it in your weekly plan. Similarly, if you like certain meals more than others, you can ask to have them more frequently in your plan. This makes it feel like you have the control. Also, this flexibility makes you enjoy your “diet” even more, comparing to other weight loss delivery programs that make you feel like you are on a strict diet because they typically don’t offer the level of customization that Diet to Go offers.

Diet to Go Cons

The Price: While Diet to Go is one of the lowest priced meal delivery programs in the US, it’s still not affordable by many people. Not every one can pay $100 each week to lose weight. The meals are typically made with all natural and fresh products, which in turn drives the price up. Depending on the plan you are in, a mealcan cost $6-8. Sites like Fitij offer coupons for Diet to Go.

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Working Around Cravings: If you are used to eating junk food, or if you have not developed a taste for healthy, nutritional food, while on Diet to Go you may find you are craving the garbage food you used to eat.

Overall, Diet to Go has received many positive rating from people who tried it to lose weight. It offers a great way to lose weight, especially for busy people,while enjoying chef-prepared food.