Why Is Dental Water Floss Recommended By Doctors


Dental water floss becomes a popular solution to improve your oral health. It works by streaming low pressured water to promote deep clean to the teeth and gum. Dental water floss removes all the bacteria causes the gingivitis and periodontal diseases.

The tool is called dental water flosser or dental water jet or oral irrigator which is now widely available in the market. Despite the marketing campaign of various brands, dental water floss is also quoted by many doctors for their patients.

The main reason why is dental water floss recommended by doctors has related to the clinical test which also confirms most of the promoted benefits.

Removing the Bacteria

The ability of oral irrigator to remove the bacteria in teeth and gums isn’t a myth. A water jet flushes out the bacteria from your gum pockets in a very effective way. With a proper and routine use, it keeps you away from the gingivitis and painful periodontal diseases.

Useful for Braces

Brushing and generic flossing can’t optimally clean your teeth from food debris especially when you have the braces installed on them.

The particles are usually hiding between the brace and teeth; they’re usually unreachable with the generic brushes.

It can develop gingivitis or even periodontal diseases if left untreated. Water floss is proven to flush out all the debris from behind the metal wires.

Friendly for Implants

Patients with implants, crowns, or bridges need specific treatments. The moderate pressure used in dental water floss can perfectly clean the teeth without damaging the implants.

Some dental water floss products may have different modes of pressure which you can easily adjust.

Gentle for Gums

Despite its ability to deep clean the teeth with pressured water, dental water floss can clean the gum and gum line in a gentle way. It’s far from the stereotype of being painful or causing bleeding to anyone with sensitive teeth.

In fact, dental water floss offers an effective cleaning to your gums and eliminates such issues. In fact, water floss is effective to treat the periodontal issue.

Improving Oral Health

Dental water floss has been clinically proven to promote countable benefits for oral health. Due to its gentle application, dental water floss is also recommended for patients with diabetes.

The regular use of dental water jet can improve overall oral health, lowering the risks of periodontal disease for sure. Dental water floss only needs seconds to perform, but it has great benefits for your oral health for a long-term.

However, it should be noted that the doctors would recommend dental water floss in addition to brushing and flossing not to replace them. So, it’s better for you to have all those three dental tools.

In other hands, it’s also about picking the best oral irrigator products. Today, dental water jets come in packages with various tips which feature specific functions and applications for dental water floss. Each tip should be changed for every 3-6 months. Consult your doctors about the proper use of oral irrigator as well as picking the suitable tips.