Cyprus citizenship by investment


If you are looking for a place to put that extra cash of your to a good use, then we have a plan. The plan is not like some share investment where you get a chance to hit the pot of gold. Rather, it would be an opportunity where you will have a place to explore a few new corners.

The motive of our citizenship Providence is to invite new opportunities to us and provide an innovative chance to the ones who are investing. This is a rather unjustified thought of keeping everything in between a definite circle. We, at Cyprus citizenship by investment, want every individual to be a part of something big, something global.

The Cyprus government is delighted with the concept of bringing investments from abroad a and creating a mutual beneficiary. As a rewarding program, the Cyprus investment is making plans of residential arrangements for their investors to make sure that they have a complete prominence and essentiality.

The initiative that comes under the Cyprus citizenship by investment allows you a complete residential authority with right associated with a minimum qualifying investment deposit of €2.5 million with a few conditions attached to it. One of the fascinating features of this scheme is that the person entitled to the citizenship will be allowed to live, stay, work and even study in all the 28 European states. They will have a complete residential freedom and will be treated as a person with similar standards and values.

Although, one must keep in mind that obtaining the citizenship is not entirely an easy task. For the safety and prosperity of this idea, a few terms and conditions have been set up.

Those terms and conditions will be the base of the entire inclusion primarily.
• A legitimate passport is mandatory before you start the process.
• As per financial safety guidelines, the source and origin of the capitalized fund will be asked.
• You must have documented evidence that you don’t hold any criminal record in your past.
• If you have a property or set of properties that are considered to be illegal or is frozen, you will not be eligible.
• The application fees mentioned will be needed and must be paid accordingly.
The reason for this safety measures is a precaution. After a joint venture with the entire world, the last thing that can make the entire organization dismantled is a corrupt entity. In order for us to preserve the privacy, certain safety rules have been taken. These rules are mandatory and anyone avoiding them will be considered as a disqualified approach.
The last and the most important part of this summit is an investment. Below is a list of the investments that you can consider to be an option.
• Government Bonds: Candidates are needed to make a minimum of €5 million investment. The investment must be in Cypriot government bonds. The candidates are needed to hold and maintain the purchase for a time period of at least three years.
• Cypriot companies or organizations financial assets (Cyprus company formation).
• Real estate, infrastructure, and land development projects.
• Purchase, participation or creation of one or more than one Cypriot businesses or companies.
• Deposit of funds qualified in a Cypriot bank.
• Mixed investments.
• Other options passed from the authorities.