How to customize ringtones for certain contacts in Samsung S8


You can set up any song (or part of it) as a ringtone on your mobile phone or for a certain contact- fast and free. We will show you how; For this procedure, you do not have to be a computer expert!

There are who knows how many interesting things you can do with your phone, but sometimes simple tricks are the best. We believe you have already concluded that Android phones have their own notification tones and ringtone maker to choose from. And did you know that you yourself can create these tones and ringing tones? Hereinafter we will show you how to convert any song into a ringing tone, as well as how songs are set as a notification tone.

What do we do first when we buy a new cell phone? We choose the background, the ringing tone, and other audio notifications. Personalization, ie the ability to adapt the device to its personality, greatly and advantageously affects the pleasure of using it. Each one of us is special, so why would all of us have the same predefined sound of the bells and are afraid when someone in the tram rings the cell phone of the same brand? Such inconveniences will not happen if you put your favorite (and less widely known) broader guitars as a guitar riff or piano preludes. The simplest way to do this is through a specialized mobile application.

If the desired song is not already on your mobile phone, connect the mobile phone to your computer with a USB cable and switch it to the SD card. No matter where you can also out of all the folders.

Often, we need to set a separate ring for certain contacts. For example, a melody is heard when our mother calls us, the other when we call our best friends, etc. As we hear the melody we know who calls us without the need to take the phone in hand.

  1. It adjusts extremely easily. We need to tap into the contact list.
  2. Then, choose the contact we want to change.
  3. And now let’s go down to the bottom of the screen, where there is an option for ringtones.
  4. Tap to change and locate the melody you want to use. Only those melodies will now ring when they call you a specific contact. If this option is not visible then it means that the contact is on your SIM card, not on the phone. Switch contacts in phone memory so you can easily change it.

This instruction is most intended for converting a song into a ringtone, notification, or alarm. So with the help of this application, you can shorten the song, adjust its start from the refrain itself, as well as its end when it suits you. We have made a manual showing how easy the ringtone, alerts, and alarms are set up. Most importantly, with the help of the accompanying manual, you can select the notice individually.