Construction Material



Construction material has various types and a lot of things used in this process to built different buildings. In order to make construction strong and long lasting, we use different materials for this method. Also, many professions depend, on these materials such as constructors, labors, and so on. It comprises a large part of Architecture, in other words, the process of Architecture mainly depends upon this process. Some of these materials, we will discuss a few  to make this concept clear:-

  • Cement:-

Cement is one of the most important components of the making of buildings. It is used to make buildings hard and resistant to warmth, cold and other harmful conditions. Its price varies with the time. During last 5 years, we see a tremendous rise in it’s price. But as it is the most important part of Architecture method so people have to buy it at any cost. Cement is also used in medical field for plaster and in other tools of medical as well.

  • Bricks:-

Bricks are known as the base of buildings. Bricks are of two types, one are fired bricks that are manufactured at fire houses and other are non-fired. Fired bricks are usually considered as more strong and lasting than the non-fired. Brick is mainly prepared by clay. Bricks bonding have a specific pattern on which they set with each other to form a hard and strong building. They attached to each other with liquid cement. Mostly the fired houses are placed in rural areas so that people may protected from its pollution and smoke. Bricks also play a vital role in building manufacturing.

  • Wood:-

Wood is a symbol of tradition and culture. Ancient people used it in their houses to made them attractive and beautiful. But now people use wood as a sign of literature. Wood is considered to make windows and doors but also it is used as a floor tiles. Wood also used in furniture making and other purposes. Wood is extracted from trees and plants. As it passes from different stages of re-shaping

  • Concrete:-

Concrete is composed of many elements and it plays a basic role in the construction material for manufacturing. It is passed by several methods and then used in buildings. It produced at a large scale in the worldwide. It is used by almost all the people of the world because it is a thing a that is made of cement, water, sand and other chemicals.

  • Sand:-

Sand is also a major element of this process. It is used in many things such as in concrete, in cement etc. Sand can be of desert sand or the sand from banks of rivers and oceans. Sand have many colors as it’s color depends upon the place from where we take the sand. Sand mostly contain calcium and its carbonates. We also take salt (CaCO2) from the sand after the sand passes through different processes of purification. Sand is not only useful in construction material but also give a lot of advantages in daily life routine.