What To Consider Before Buying A Ferret


Do not buy Ferrets before you read this!
Is Ferret the right pet for you? There are many ferrets for sale in the UK, but before you buy a ferret, you should know that there are numerous things that you must satisfy first. Ferrets are very playful, active and loving animals which make them wonderful pets. It is worth noting that like any other companion pet, Ferrets have their own needs that you ought to know beforehand.

This article presents the important factors to consider before you buy a Ferret. Read with me to learn more!
1. Legality
First and foremost, before you buy a Ferret, you must ensure it is considered legal in your country or region. You don’t want to frustrate yourself after you buy a Ferret only to realize later that it is illegal in your place, therefore, ensure to visit your local wildlife or Game Department or the Humane Society to know whether owning a Ferret is legal in your place. Also, depending on the place you live, you may be obliged to obtain a license for your Ferret, although the cost for a permit or a license can be $15 or more.

2. Time
Time is a very crucial factor to consider before you buy a Ferret. If you are a busy person then it might not be the right time to buy a Ferret. It is good to understand that Ferrets are naturally cool, friendly but they sometimes get more active and at such times, they require you to be around in order to supervise and know where they go. In fact, Ferrets are for people who bond well with animals since they require close attention and interaction with their owners most of the time.

3. Food
A Ferret is like any other pet in that it needs food, however, it might be different from other pets in that it needs more water and a diet rich in fat and proteins. Although Ferret foods are scarce, Ferrets owners feed them with kitten food as it is higher in fat and protein. However, you must try to avoid fish-based cat food since it can increase their scent. A Ferret also needs meat and fat as it is a carnivore.Avoid feeding your Ferret with human snacks such as ice cream since it may be poisonous or may not be easy to be digested.

4. Gender
Do you want a male or a female Ferret? You should also take into account the gender of your Ferret; however both have their advantages and disadvantages, so you must find out which one is right for you. A female Ferret is called a “jill” and a male ferret I called a “hob”.

5. Health
Health is also another important factor to take into account. Ferrets need to be treated by a veterinary on a yearly basis as they need annual vaccinations, but you should not miss veterinary appointments whenever you notice a health problem with your Ferrets. Ferrets need to be vaccinated on intervals, for instance when they reach 8, 11 and 14 weeks, they must be vaccinated with distemper vaccinations and when they reach around 12 to 16 weeks a rabies vaccination is important.