The Complete Guide of Best over the Counter Prenatal Vitamin


If you want to get the necessary nutrients like vitamins and minerals then eating healthy is the best thing you can do. Most of us have a very freaking life and we can not follow the food pyramid guidelines all the day. So these are chances that we lack these nutrients in out life. In order to over the deficiency of vitamins in your body, the doctor can recommend best over the counter prenatal vitamin to you. They are recommended when you are planning to conceive a baby or when you are pregnant. These vitamins just fill the gap of necessary vitamins that you are missing in your daily diet. If you go to any pharmacy you will find about 50 types of prenatal vitamins with different ingredients. But it is highly recommended to talk to your doctor before taking ant type of these vitamins.

Best over the Counter Vitamins – the Introduction

The first important thing is that your doctors recommend it to you and they are not available unless your doctor prescribes them. The real fact is that there are millions of over the counter vitamins available and choosing among them is definitely the most daunting task. You can make the list of the best over the counter prenatal vitamin. You can choose organic and vegetarian prenatal vitamin because veganism is an increasing trend.

There are many vitamins that use animal gelatin and they are not picked up by these vegan groups of people. In the market, you will find many healthy vegan choices. You will also find many prenatal vitamins with DHA. These are not vegan but they fulfill your daily vitamin needs just with a single capsule. Some prenatal vitamins contain folic acid which is also known as VIT B-6. Some Prenatal vitamins are chewable and they are available with both vegan and animal ingredients.

When to take Prenatal Vitamins?

The difference between prenatal and regular vitamins is that regular vitamins are designed to fulfill your daily vitamin needs and prenatal vitamins are specially designed for pregnant women can they contain folic acid, iron etc. All the women that are with a childbearing age should take them because it will make their reproductive system healthy. If you don’t want to take them then you can start them some months before you plan to conceive. Always think that early usage always gives the best results.

Do they have any Side Effects?

They may have some side effect that can be unpleasant for you. Most users experience nausea and severe constipation. These are also the problems that most of the women face during pregnancy. Prenatal vitamins with DHA have the smell like a fish with gives the feeling of nausea to pregnant women. It is better to stop them if the nausea is still there. You can change the timing and start taking them at night. It is also recommended by doctors to take them with regular food to stop nausea. Most of the people reported that after taking them hair and nail growth also improved.