Compelling Benefits of Video Production Marketing


Online video production marketing is worthwhile and in fact, it is a powerful marketing tool that every digital marketer should not overlook. For social connection content, video marketing is also helpful. If you are yet to implement content video marketing, read with me to learn the benefits you can get from it. You may also read more about Social connection Video services.

1. Videos are a boost to conversion rates

In today’s business world where technology is the drive to succeed, video needs to be taken as an investment. If you want to boost conversion rates, you must incorporate a video on your landing pages. How does it feel to watch a compelling presenter in a video? It feels real in fact you can get influenced to buy something that you had not planned to buy. The same applies to video marketing, once you include a video on a landing page; you are opening doors to influence buying behavior which in return converts your website visitors to buyers.
Passing information via video is more powerful than passing it in writing. In addition, you can use your videos as tutorials.

2. Your customers are on video

No one feels good to read written information. In fact, many people are more likely to be attracted to your content if it is in form of video than in writing. Many customers spend most of their time on YouTube, watching tutorials and other important information they are looking to obtain help with. Today, YouTube is believed to receive more than 5 billion viewers daily. This is a sure bet that most of your customers are on video. Since almost everyone is watching videos, why don’t you make ads, promos, video blogs or anything else that can reach your customers in form of a video?

3. Your competitor is doing it

If you are not doing video, your competitor is doing it and you are more likely to lose your customers to your competitor. Currently, a big number of digital marketers are now using video production marketing programs. Why should you be left out? Join the wave too!

4. Video is easily found

Your customers are not willing to spend almost all their precious time to find your product and services. If you search anything on Google, you will find that videos appear in almost all the search listings on Google. Since your customers are looking for your products and services online, you should make it easy for them to find them and the only way to do so is to use video. YouTube is ranked the second largest search engine, which implies that videos are ranked on the top pages of Google’s search result.

5. Sharing a video is easy

You may not agree with me on this but the fact is that video is shared easily since you just need to copy the video link and paste it into your target location. You can easily share a video on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.