Comedians Versus Pastor Chris


Pastor Chris has made quite a few headlines recently. This comes as a consequence of his not-so-private divorce. After all, when one has over 30 million supporters on his own social media, it is hard to avoid the public eye.

Who is Pastor Chris?

Chris Oyakhilome arose the mainstream fame after his unbelievable endeavors that have reached millions of people around the world. His organization, Christ Embassy, makes arrangements for some of the biggest religious events that are put in place every year. The prime locations of his outreach and healing ceremonies include Africa and Canada. Recently, however, pastor Chris has had some marriage issues.

The Public Divorce

Pastor’s wife Anita Ebhodaghe filed for divorce in 2014 while citing adultery as the main reason. Pastor Chris has denied the allegation and no sound evidence ever proved what was claimed against him by his wife. Since the divorce, many media outlets have begun covering the private matter between the couple. Naturally, the pastor did not like that the newspapers were using his name to spy on his private engagements, which is why he threatened to even sue certain people that are making it impossible for him to spread his impact.

Comedians Started Using the Publicity

Since the pastor has been one of the most popular topics, many comedians have come out to take advantage of the hot issue. This included jokes on his behalf in order to promote their comedy shows and reputation. As one can expect, Oyakhilome did not take these puns any better than the rest of the prying media that has been looking into his life. This is why he came out with a public warning to those who fit the criteria in order to showcase what might be the outcome of such a promiscuous deed.


Comedians Beware


According to Oyakhilome, no person should never attempt to make fun of someone who is publicly viewed as a man of God. The pastor has repeatedly declared himself as not just a believer but also a man of God. This is important because his position makes him a follower who must obey all the rules of religion. Thus, public slander through comedians’ jokes does not agree with the way he must portray himself at all times.


As far as the actual message the pastor sent, it was explicitly phrased as if the God delivered it himself. Oyakhilome states how nobody should ever go as far as poking fun at pastors. This is a sin that will be punished with severe consequence later on. Pastor Chris further reinforced that the God himself told him how he must deliver this message to all of those to whom it applies. What might be the most frightening part of the entire warning is the actual repercussion that will accompany these comedians. The pastor gives a full disclaimer how lives might be cut short as a way of making even for one who has dared poke fun at him.

Ultimately, the entire point of the message is to avoid joking with things that are deemed sacred. As a pastor, one occupies a place that is undeniably sacred which means that Oyakhilome is off-limits to those looking to get a boost in publicity by slandering his name. The entire statement ends with some great questions that will really test people who have been doing this. Oyakhilome asks if being a joker who is leading exactly the same hypocritical life is something that anyone should aspire to become. Obviously, anyone with minimum knowledge will negate this question and chose the high route!