Christmas Trees and Lights Discount Codes: 5 Ways Coupons Are Used By Christmas Shoppers


his article shows how Christmas Trees and Lights voucher codes are used in 5 ways to boost sales and maintain customer loyalty before Christmas year after year.

Today, most web-based enterprises have come to view coupons as a key marketing strategy that can be used to boost sales. However, this is not always the case as large discounts can be counter-productive to the extent of negatively affecting a business.

We will see how coupons are effective towards increasing profits of small enterprises in the long haul. The company we study is a small UK-based business that sells Christmas decorations and are particularly busy 2-3 months before Christmas.

The company sell Christmas decorations through groupon, through their newsletter and Facebook page which at the time of this writing proudly had over 5,000 followers, but mainly through their website

Using vouchers to reward active Facebook fans
Loyalty is worth rewarding, and loyal Facebook fans are worthy of coupons and discounts. Apparently, this can be a very powerful tool as far as enhancing customer relationship is concerned. This can also be a great way to improve the relationship between the business and its customers. Christmas Trees and Lights usually offer their promotional codes around October and November every year.This is the time people get ready for Christmas.

Using coupons to increase customer base
Customers are the pillars of a business. Offering limited-time discount codes can get potential new customers see a sense of urgency in completing a deal. Christmas Trees and Lights and other similar companies have realised this. Placing limited durations on promo codes compels users to act fast. When customers move from the prospects’ list and make it to loyal customers’ list they become more valuable to the business over time.
Such coupons can be distributed through the company’s newsletter or via voucher sites in the United Kingdom such as

Using promo codes to track campaigns and measure ROI
It is important to track an advertising campaign and measure ROI. As an online store with several different marketing outlets, Christmas Tree and Lights and other similar companies can have a program whereby they utilise different coupon codes for different ad outlets. This can range from sending out weekly newsletters to advertising on social media pages.
Using a unique code for each purchase enables a marketing manager to track the various promotion codes back to a specific marketing channel. That way the company gets crucial data regarding specific marketing channels that work better than others. Re-adjustments are made to adapt more of working strategies and allocate more marketing resources to them whilst reducing or completely eliminating non-viable or unnecessarily expensive marketing channels.

Using coupons to maintain existing customer list
Decide when to periodically send coupon codes to your list to help maintain a relationship. For instance, sending a 10% off offer to this list can help keep your list alive, as customers would feel that the business cares for them and their individual needs.

Following the above examples from Christmas Trees and Lights discount code marketing can be useful in boosting sales, but remember moderation is key so that your customers do not feel suffocated. Nagging customers constantly can cause some of them to unsubscribe.
What you need to get from Christmas Trees and Lights voucher code strategy is that your clients need to receive offers that are of true value.