The best hairstyles to match your style


The world of fashion is growing day by day. It was Paris that was once considered as the home of fashion but today every part of the world has worked on the fashion and style in such a way that it preserves the values and maintains the love for looking good too. The mostly developing continent of Asia has also developed the love and passion for the style. From the region of gulf in the west to the south East Asian part of the world, style lives everywhere. The Korean and the Japanese evolve the fashion and style, while the rest follow it either in its original form or altar it as per their need. The journey of style never ends. It keeps on going with fashion, needs and location. While retaining the classic Asian hairstyles, the world of fashion is witnessing a whole new set of hairstyles being followed by the young, enthusiastic generation living in Asia. The world of hairstyles is constantly witnessing the changes. The top styles currently ruling the fashion world are as follows

  • K-popular hair style: One of the most admired styles among the young teens is the K pop hair style. It is easy to manage and can be worn both formally and informally. This feature goes well with the straight hair, but many passionate ones also get the hair straightened to have this style. The fringes are created on one side through side sweeping. The sides are trimmed out neatly. It is to some extent like the popular angular fringe style in which the sides are shaved.
  • Samurai bun: the love for being a thriller or an action hero rules with this Samurai bun style. The bun type hairstyles do not seem appropriate for the men, but just like many other fashion trends the integration of female versions into men styles is witnessed in the hairstyles too. The samurai bun is evident of the fact. Most of the youngsters admire it with the fringes falling on the forehead.
  • College boy hairstyle: decency always stays in demand. No matter what age group you belong to there are groups that really want to add the element of decency in their life. This hairstyle suits such lads. It gives a studious and scholarly appearance in the shape of middle length cutting that merges it a top that is longer than the sides. The hair from the top goes to one side after combing which makes it look like the undercut style.
  • Messy medium hairstyle: let us now move from the organized to the messy hairstyle. It gives a cheerful look to the young men in the sporty spirit. It can be worn to impress for a date out or to the school times also. It is a medium length hairstyle that can be easily transformed into a messy hair collection with a slight use of gel.
  • Wild child hairstyle: this design is great for those who like the funky lifestyle. If you want something spiky, edgy and complicated then get this style for you.

If you know your choice, then sort out the style that meets your mood, and preferences.