Best Google Gravity Tricks And Games 2017


Google is the world’s most popular search engine which can search almost everything. Have you ever seen your web pages turning upside down or falling down? And the blank page with Google Doodle? It is nothing but an amazing trick called Google Gravity. Google gravity is a collection of some hidden features and tricks that allow you to do some prank tricks with Google. The Google gravity trick was developed in 2009 by Ricardo Cabello. Gravity is a JavaScript program that creates a visual in your web browser. Today we are going to share some fun and awesome tricks with google like Google Gravity, Google Zero Gravity, and Google Anti Gravity.

1. Google Guitar:

Google Gravity Guitar is an amazing trick that allows you play the guitar on the search engine web page. There are some melodies like Happy Birthday, Twinkle Twinkle, Harry Potter and Forest Gump that you can play using keyboard and mouse. By moving your mouse pointer on the guitar displayed on your computer screen to play the music on the google guitar doodle. So, what are you waiting for play the guitar, you can visit Google Guitar

2. Google Sphere

Google Sphere is a quite similar to Google Gravity. This trick allows you to play with the screen options. In google space, the content keeps floating without any gravitational. The entire screen of Google home page starts moving around in form of a sphere. Also, the search result behaves the same. Try Google gravity sphere from the link Google Sphere.

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3. Google Gravity Underwater

Google Gravity Underwater change the background of the google home page and project the page with underwater. Google image, search box, buttons, and links will be floating in the water. Google Underwater can be easily experienced by visit here Google Gravity Underwater.


4. Zero Gravity Google

The Zero Gravity Google is a very interesting trick where all the contents of the google web overturn including the texts, button, and images. When you type text in google search the result will be written in a reverse order. It is also known as Google 0 Gravity, Google Anti Gravity, and Google No Gravity. You can try google zero gravity by visit here Zero Gravity Google.


5. Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush is another interesting trick of the Google Zero Gravity. This makes the whole google search results mirror image of the original. You will also see that the letters O in the google search result will destroy. Google Zerg Rush is the game where you have to destroy the ‘O’s by clicking them using your mouse pointer. To experience Zerg Rush visit here Google Zerg Rush.


Final Words:

So, guys, these are the best Google Gravity Tricks. We hope that you liked this article. If you know any other google gravity trick in your list apart from above then let me know by comment below. If you like this article then don’t forget to share with your friends on social media and make your friend think how did you that. Thank you!