Best Automatic litter tray



Here I am new to being a cat owner and I my first taste of litter changes.

One of my clients tells me she has a luxury self-cleaning litter box!!!

After browsing the net I come across many options, “cat toilet houses” (as they are called) who do all the work for you.

 The Petsafe scoopfree ultra.

Through an ingenious grid system, the Petsafe Scoopfree automatically pushes the stool and compacted urine into a container into the bin. It lasts 3-4 weeks. Once used, you just have to remove the top and throw the bottom containing the litter in the trash. Minimized maintenance.

Petsafe Scoopfree Ultra, price announced on the 189 euros. Also available with the lid.

The SmartSift Cat Design. 

The Cat Design SmartSift Automatic litter tray is a very elaborate mechanical version. To clean the litter, simply lower the handle. Stool and compacted urine are found under the main tray in a plastic bag. You get the latter by a drawer, the already packaged droppings are ready to be thrown away. A hell of litter saving and still no need to get your hands dirty.

It is also equipped with a grooved plan inside, which allows retaining the small grains of litter stuck under the feet of your cat just before leaving the tank! And that’s really great, cat owners will understand. Like most litter bins there is a charcoal filter for odors. It also has a window above to control the level of litter and readjust its level, without opening the entire box.

This is the litter zero stress aside the place can be.

It is found between 75 and 95 euros for sale on almost all sites internets.

Cat Genie Litter box. 

So their attention, real toilet for the cat, with flush and everything and everything!!! Once the cat is out of the litter, an automatic litter tray shovel picks up the droppings. Then a trickle of water goes off and everything is stirred to rinse the litter! Hygiene level can be difficult to do better. However it is a consequent installation, the arrival of water, exit of water, electrical connection and a washable litter were necessary.

Small reserve when the size of the tray rounded level place for the cat and it is not necessary that the latter wants to return immediately to his litter otherwise splash!

It can be found on Amazon at 259 dollars (189 euros).

The luxury version provides a roof covering … for more privacy (292 dollars = 213). A cleaning product is associated.

The builder advises this toilet house for up to three cats. The litter (23 dollars = 17euros) lasts about 6 months!!

A litter that we forget completely during 6months!

There is a lot of other mechanical self-cleaning litter boxes, but I found these systems very original and ingenious.
It is still a certain investment, so for all those who are traditional all to our litter shovels. Not to mention that a clean automatic litter tray is necessary to the balance of our dear tomcats.