Best Arizona Drug Centers


Top 7 Arizona Drug Centers
Drug addiction poses a serious problem in today’s society. What people are addicted to may vary, but the fact remains that addiction itself causes behavioral changes regardless of the drug involved. A person who’s suffering from it develops an extremely compulsive desire to be intoxicated, greatly interfering with how he lives his life and how he deals with people.

Fortunately, addictions are treatable. However, we must emphasize the need to do enough research first before getting admitted into rehab. Receiving the right treatment is vital; otherwise, there is the danger of a possible relapse.

Various drug treatment and rehabilitation centers are located all over Arizona. Although all of these centers offer satisfactory services, the following are the top 7 Arizona drug centers with the most comprehensive programs to choose from.

1. SpringBoard Recovery
This addiction treatment center is conveniently located in the heart of Scottsdale, Arizona. It offers highly effective yet affordable programs to patients.

SpringBoard has three programs specifically for treating drug addiction: Outpatient Counseling, Individual Counseling, and Group Counseling. The Outpatient Counseling program helps patients recognize the reasons why (and how) they became addicted, and offers useful skills to overcome them. For the Individual Counseling program, each patient is paired with a licensed counselor who is responsible for providing guidance. In Group Counseling, groups of 4 to 6 members are to be accompanied by one or more licensed therapists.

At the heart of SpringBoard lies the commitment to inculcate sober living among its residents. They believe that an environment geared towards success is essential for treatment. Guests stay in spacious, upscale residences with a professional House Manager. Among its facilities include a swimming pool, a yoga studio, coffee service, a gourmet kitchen, and a deluxe outdoor grill.

SpringBoard further promises that all data gathered in each therapy session remains to be strictly confidential. Other programs include treatments for alcohol addiction and co-occurring disorders.

2. Deer Valley Counseling
Deer Valley Counseling has locations in Phoenix, Chandler, and Scottsdale. This makes the facility easily accessible to guests.

It offers individual and group outpatient counseling sessions with licensed therapists who use Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. These therapists guide guests into identifying what they should avoid, helping them develop coping responses.

Deer Valley believes that outpatient counseling will help build better relationships, a better career, and overall improved health. This facility is also known to handle cases of alcohol addiction, substance abuse, and gambling addiction.

3. Mercy House Recovery Home
The Mercy House Recovery Home is located in a residential neighborhood in Tucson. It serves as a refuge for male clients in order to apply the 12-step principles into their lives.

This facility lays strict rules which each guest must adhere to in order to help them throughout their recovery journey. Drug and alcohol screenings are also conducted at random throughout the week.

Facilities at the Mercy House Recovery Home include an outdoor covered patio, a fenced yard, a pool, a fully-equipped kitchen, and a spacious family room. Wi-Fi access, cable TV, and laundry facilities are also available. Mercy House aims to make its environment as home-like as possible.

At most, it welcomes only around four clients at a time. The facility believes that working in a small group of like-minded people is the best way towards sober living.

4. Calvary Healing Center
Calvary Healing Center undoubtedly makes it into the top Arizona drug centers list. It has four locations across Phoenix, and offers around seven treatment programs.

Among its programs include a 30-day Residential Treatment Program, Medical Detox, Partial Hospitalization program, and an Intensive Outpatient Program. It is also noted that they offer aftercare services and an option to avail of the faith-based track. Specific programs which cater to families and young adults are also available.

Only licensed professionals are allowed to be therapists at Calvary Healing Center. Facilities include a spacious cafeteria, serenity rooms, group rooms, and a relaxing central courtyard. Rooms are designed to be as home-like and relaxing as possible.

5. Hope House
Hope House is a historic home converted into a rehabilitation facility. It is located in Phoenix, Arizona, and is close to public transportation.

This all-male facility is run by Alcoholism and Addiction Assistance Association (5A), a non-profit organization. It offers on-site weekly meetings to strengthen the 12-step recovery process. Treatment programs are often incorporated with social activities like hiking, snowboarding, and white water rafting.

Hope House houses 32 guests, and has amenities including a family room, a kitchen, and a laundry area. Food is always available.

6. Clean Adventures
Clean Adventures is an accredited all-male addiction treatment center located in Prescott. Its prime location boasts access to activities like hiking, biking, kayaking, and paddle boarding.

This treatment center employs licensed professionals who makes use of Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Rational Emotive Therapy. This type of addiction treatment aims to discover the root of the problem, which makes it easier to treat. Outdoor and nature therapy are inculcated into the program to help develop communication and basic life skills.

Clean Adventures offers both individual and family programs for drug addiction, alcohol addiction, and co-occurring disorders. Three-month and six-month programs are available.

7. Mission Treatment
Mission Treatment Center is part of a chain of treatment centers in various states. In Arizona, its facility is located in Scottsdale.

It offers a range of counseling programs for its guests to cultivate social, emotional, and personal wellbeing. It also offers a medically-supervised outpatient treatment for drug addiction.

Mission Treatment only hires experienced doctors, nurses, and counselors. It believes in creating a caring environment to help calm their clients, and eventually lead them towards success.

It is important to note that drug addiction is highly curable. Different centers offer various approaches to rehabilitation to give guests much leeway in choosing the program which best suits their needs. As a guide, always choose the center which offers complete facilities, comprehensive programs handled by licensed professionals, and remains affordable. This is the reason why Spring Board Recovery makes it to the top of most Arizona drug centers lists.