The Best Android Weather Applications and Widgets for Free


Sometimes, the weather is unpredictable. When you bring umbrella, the weather turns hot. Or when you don’t bring your umbrella, it starts to rain. Well, don’t bother to wait for the weather news on TV. Now, you can check the weather condition today from your smartphone. Download and install these free weather apps and widgets for your Android phone. Check them out below.


Morecast is free weather app developed by Ubimet, one of leading private weather service provider. The weather forecast shows you the weather condition for upcoming 24 hours until the next 14 days. In statistic figures, it describe the real-time weather condition such as when it’ll rain, how cloudy or sunny it’ll be, and also the temperature lows or highs.

If you have a long trip, you can track the weather and situations along your journey’s route. Especially in Morecast, you are able to compare 2 weather conditions in different locations side-by-side. It will help you to decide the best route to take.

There is a webcam application to preview live weather situations around the world. You can also visualize the weather movement with precipitation radar through interactive map to know when and the intensity of the rain.


YoWindow is a weather application developed by Repkasoft. The appearance and set up steps is very simple and easy to use. You can track real-time weather in multiple cities or locations at the same time. Once you choose the locations, the screen animation will turn into visual interpretation of the weather. The most amazing is the visual interpretation will shows rains falling, clouds emerging, sun rising, and sun falling. You can also change the landscape into different backgrounds that related to outdoor scenes.

The statistics figures in YoWindow include temperature, pressure, and humidity. Simply swap the screen, you can scroll through hours and see the changing condition in a day. You can also change to other days or week with the forecast is going up to 3 days.

Simple Weather

Simple material design is may be the most appealing features from Simple Weather. Developed by Tanmay Parikh, this weather application seems like aim to offer the most simple and fast weather info at a glance. The widget is also pretty and simply matches your homescreen. For anyone who looks for a homogenous interface, Simple Weather is the best one.

Although it still lacks in some features, but Simple Weather has already completed with detailed weather info hourly, daily, even a week in the future. You can also choose your location or choose from the unlimited cities list.


WeatherBug is a brand weather application owned by Earth Network. The application features include:

Real-Time Pin Point Forecast. You can get the detailed info about current, hourly, and 10 days in the future weather forecast around the world.

Storm Track Map Layer. The app will track the direction, intensity, and occurrences of storm.

Spark Lighting Alerts. It’s very sophisticated that your smartphone can be used for lighting detector. From minute times to mile distances, the app will alert you about the lighting possibility.

–               Know Before Weather Alerts. The app offers an exclusive and 50% faster Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts (DTAs) warning and information about severe weather condition from National Weather Service.

Live Weather and Traffic Cams. With about 2,000 weather cameras across the U.S. you can view live the weather and traffic condition around the states.

– When you login through WeatherBug account or Facebook, you can save all your saved locations and settings, plus you can watch them from multiple devices.

– Still many more features such as weather news, lifestyle forecast, hurricane center, photo section, conditional background, and enhanced interactive map.

You will never bother again to bring unused-umbrella in a bright day or getting rained. Take advantage of your smartphone and install these free weather apps and widgets. Try them out!

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Description: Now you can easily get a real-time weather conditions info through your smartphone. Rainy, sunny, or hourly temperature can be learned for free.