balli sastram


Lizard-Chipkali-Balli Falling body parts will give good results or bad results, but we respect the ancient traditions and we believe provide details.

Generally, if lizard falls on the right or left side of the human body, a woman’s body, it is considered to be favorable. Therefore, it is not that bad if lizard falls on left and right body parts of women’s body parts.

Can a lizard predict your destiny :

Lizard Falling hair deathlike pain

Lizard Falling facade Gains

Lizard Falling right forehead Divine grace

Lizard Falling left forehead successful act

Lizard falls Chin fear of death

Lizard falls right ear Jewelry

Lizard Falling left ear grow

Lizard falls Nose Success

Lizard Falling just Nose disease

Lizard falls right breast Entertainment

Lizard Falling left breast Tiff

Lizard Falling right armpit generations

Lizard Falling left armpit pain caused generations

Lizard Falling stomach Jewelry

Lizard Falling profits right waist dress

Lizard Falling left him no pleasure.

Lizard in the interests of Iran Money

Lizard falls Navel fulfillment of wishes

Lizard Falling reproductive organs Fear of death

Lizard falls into the right thigh of physical pleasure.

Physical pain in the left thigh Lizard Falling

Lizard falls right knee Meeting with lover

Lizard Falling left knee disability discrimination

Lizard falls right foot traveling

Lizard Falling left leg disease

Lizard Falling between the legs of the inability to meet the beloved

Lizard Falling traveling to the heel.

Lizard Falling left heel Bad News

Lizard falls on the right leg loss in business

Lizard Falling charm left toe BREED

Lizard falls on the right leg and fingers Stress

Lizard fulfilling the desires of the fingers of the left leg

Lizard Falling On pregnant women’s womb          she will get Great and fortunate son

Lizard Falling On eating vessels  you will get wealth

Lizard Falling in front of you         you will get desired result and wishes

Common Remedies for Lizard Fall

Whenever lizard falls on the body of a man who is bound to bring it into force. The Balli Shastram, the effects are sometimes positively and sometimes negatively, depending on the parts of the body, and it is also different for men and women.

However, you need not worry too much about the negative effects and to consider drug lizard fall. There are some simple methods to prevent human beings fall ill effects lizard.

You can also consume pancha Gavya morning after a bath. This will help you to cancel the effects of the lizard fall. To do this within two weeks.

This will bring some positive effects, and you can prevent Balli DOSHA:

Golden temple in Kancheepuram The Lizard has thousands of daily visitors who come to prevent the negative effects Lizard fall.