Why should you avoid using boric acid for vaginal treatment?


There are instances when ladies have to use boric acid particular for their vagina in the form of vaginal suppositories. It is done in order to get through some problem that she might be facing. However, while you are going to use it, you must note that there are a number of side effects that you can suffer from if you apply it to your vagina. It leads us to discuss the topic that why you should avoid using boric acid and why it is not the first choice treatment for patients by medical experts.

The side effects
The ladies that use vaginal suppositories manufactured with boric acid tend to experience specific side effects. It is different to oral medication as the small amount of boric acid you apply on your vagina is absorbed in your body and goes into your bloodstream. Unlike the typical issues that occur if you take the oral medications, that include the stomach upset and headache, problems caused by boric acid are different. A lady who applies the chemical to her private part may suffer from vaginal irritation or redness. Moreover, the patient can also feel some sort of burning sensation in the vagina, a watery kind of discharge, and a gritty and unwanted feeling while having intercourse. Considering all these probable side effects, one is recommended to avoid using boric acid.

Not the first choice treatment
When it comes to experts, they do not advise patients to use such chemicals mainly if you are going through the yeast infection. Rather than writing boric acid, they tend to list over the counter medications that include clotrimazole, miconazole, and tioconazole. Moreover, they can also recommend some antifungal gel to apply to the affected area, and you can also be prescribed oral medications. One does not endorse the treatment until it is made sure that the cause of infection, Candida albicans, are prone to other therapies which is usually not the case.

Why should you avoid moisturizers and lubricants that include boric acid?
Despite the side effects listed above, there are vaginal medications that include boric acid. Specific lubricants and moisturizers may make use of it. However, one should avoid using it not only because it is harmful but also because of the following reasons.

Firstly, the boric acid is a pesticide and is known in the relevant circle as a gift that keeps on killing. The most common application where you can see it in action is the use of boric acid for killing cockroaches. Just put a little bit of chemical, and you will be able to kill hundreds of roaches in one go.

Moreover, the chemical is poisonous to humans. It can be seen by accident happened at a festival in Malaysia in 1988 where 13 kids lost their lives due to eating food which contained boric acid.
Furthermore, the chemical is said to be an environmental pollutant.
If all of the above content on why you should avoid using boric acid is not enough, one should remember that using it for bacterial vaginosis can make things even worse and painful!