The August Healing Ministry of Pastor Chris Commenced with Thousands in Attendance



Thousands arrived at Lagos, Nigeria for a season of miracles and testimonies. People from different parts of the world registered and attended the August 2018 healing school session, with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. The season began on 27th July and will continue all throughout August. It was set to be a day of restoration, hope, and jubilation that many people anticipated. They all flocked for the season of supernatural intervention.

Over the years, the healing school ministry has been a source of hope and peace to many. The sick got healed and restored through faith in the word of God. It is a place where the compassion of Christ is demonstrated; situations that were dead turned to the better, terminal diseases like HIV, cancer, and diabetes are healed. Impossible conditions have been changed supernaturally for people all around the world.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a minister of the gospel heading the healing sessions. Being a man of God, he continues in leadership and spirit-filled global ministries to preach the gospel. He shares God’s word in the purest form to enable God’s people to discover what they have in Christ. The healing school of Christ Embassy was founded as a channel committed to taking healing to the nations and manifesting the healing works of Jesus Christ. Through the gifts of the Spirit, many were restored and healed to a complete state of soundness.

It is a deep time that women, men, and children crave for and attend with expectations of finding solace through miracles, spiritual healing and nourishment. Past students also were present with testimonials that impacted them personally, stirring up the believers in attendance. Many of them are hopeful that God’s power shall be manifested in their lives, His grace and abundance love will overflow with plenty of miracles, creating a new and bright future.

The ministers present lead in worship and earnest prayers for the sick and the spread of the gospel to the world. Guided by the previous prayer requests received, they prayed as people got their healing and supernatural intervention. According to the testimonies manifested, burdens rolled away, the pain faded away and decrees articulated.

One of the testimonies is one of Tarryn Serrembock. She battled her depression for fifteen years. She shared her new found hope and peace in Christ. Her sadness and tears of burden were wiped away after her experience in the presence of God. She expressed her gratitude and happiness in the lord. Another testimony was about Hope from the United Kingdom, her lump in her throat disappeared after the prayer session began.

Mercy Fungai was also miraculously healed of HIV and cervical cancer. After she went home, she got tested again, and there was no sign of the virus or cancer. She now can continue with her daily routines devoid of pain and sickness. Besides, a professional footballer, Prince Enefiok, who was injured in a car accident and rendered unfit to engage in sports was also healed after a prayer session.

The beginning of the season marked another opportunity for many individuals to be touched by the power of God; full of restoration, healing, and miracles. More people are coming to Christ and accepting Him into their lives for transformation, blessings, answers, and peace in their lives. The healing season is a period marking the beginning of better lives and memorable times in their lives. A renewed faith is manifested in the believers. Pastor Chris has helped millions to experience victory and lead a purposeful life. He has accomplished this through teaching them the word of God, emphasizing on the beauty of salvation and God’s intervention.