The Activities of Comfort Women during the World War


The issue of comfort women arose in 1992 when Yoshimi Yoshiaki who is a Japanese historian discovered documents that linked the government to a brothel network. Later, the United Nations was also involved in the affairs in 1996. According to the South Koreans, individuals who took part in the war were tried and punished. Moreover, systematic abduction was not recorded as claimed by the victims since they were not Korean.

Yoshida Seiji who is a communist published a book detailing the war crimes. The comfort women in the current society have recycled his ideas without necessarily having to cite him. Additionally, a report from the Coomaraswamy echoes the writer’s report. Whenever the comfort women stories are analyzed, the other countries begin to research on them deeply. Magnus Hirschfeld, who is a German researcher, investigated the separability of war and sex. It was noted that traffic boomed when the government combatants addressed heavy traffic.

During the World War 2, Americans entailed large military in their attacks. Furthermore, they were stationed in a luxury manner where they located comfort stations in Honolulu which was far from their enemies. To reduce the level of rape, comfort stations were set up by the Chinese military. Women recruitment was made easier in that the Japanese madams were subcontracted in the recruitment process.

The comfort women testimonies indicated they had much experience in the yangban system. Besides, the Japanese military was actively participated towards stopping endtime rapes. Korean comfort women system was supported by its government. Furthermore, the camptowns were to be cleaned so that the military could easily flow into the country thereby steering the economy to success.

The South Korean comfort women are examples of groups that were offered refuge by the American government. Their statutes are located everywhere including San Fransisco, South Korea, Busan where the Japanese consulate is located, Manila, and Sydney. The locations are similar as they are all American allies in Asia.

For centuries, the army and the sex workers dominated the news. According to France 24, which is a daily newspaper, they were always inseparable. The women in this context were applauded since they offered the young men great company. Besides, the France doctors were helpful in that they treated their patients and came up with solutions to eliminate the scourge.

It took the direct control of the nation that to end the vice. In spite of this, the military enacted the Military Campaign Brothels which were successful while in Algeria hence the need to practice them in their home country. They were mainly established near training camps so that they could acquaint themselves with the activities of the camp. Their ideal location was the countryside since it did not involve many activities.

Some countries like the USA enacted drastic measures where the soldiers were banned from visiting brothels. In case one had sex, they were required to report it in three hours at any medical station. This would enable them get prophylactic treatment. Individuals who did not receive treatment were fined half of their salary. In 1918, prostitution declined tremendously after enforcing these measures.

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