A Step By Step Guide To Finding The Best Golf Clubs For Beginners



As a beginner you probably know that golf is among the most challenging sports when it comes to playing. It is perfectly reasonable to look out for favorable golf clubs that will fit your golf training and allow you a lot of leeway to learn and familiarize yourself with the sport.

As a high handicapper (beginner-golfer) you are likely going to experience difficulties in attempting to achieve consistency in hitting the ball. Therefore, you should opt for a golf club set with clubs that allow maximum forgiveness while at the same time offering distance and consistency for you to improve your skills in hitting the golf ball.

Ideally, a beginner-golfer will need a golf set with 12-17 clubs including a driver, pitching wedge, fairway wood, irons, sand wedge, hybrid clubs and a putter. This article highlights the 5 best golf clubs for beginners which are suitable for you.

  1. Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set, 18-Piece


As a beginner your troubles in knocking the ball from the sand trap or making a perfect swing will go away with this 18-piece complete set. It is quite an affordable golf club set, which has every basic component. It is a fantastic set loaded with great features designed to take beginner-golfers to excellent performance. This golf club comes with a beautiful stand bag, a high-precision putter, six top-notch irons, two 4H and 5H hybrids, two fairway woods and a standard-sized driver (460 cc). It has a high reputation for quality and technological improvisation to provide the performance and distance you need. The main benefit of the Callaway 18-piece golf club is that it consists of all 18 pieces for a golf club that you will ever need both as a beginner-level and a pro-level golfer.


  1. Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Club Set with Bag (12-Piece)


If you are looking to improve your skills and get better as a golfer, this golf club is definitely a must have. It ranks highly among the best golf clubs for beginners. The strata 12-piece set is designed to give you the peace of mind golf sport demands as you develop your skills. It comes will all major components in unrivaled quality dressed in a striking stand bag.

It boasts of 9 essential clubs, 5H hybrids with great forgiveness and flexibility, 3-woods, a durable a 460 cc driver, 6-PW wedges and irons configured with ace controls and a T-styled high accuracy putter.

With this golf club in your hands, your golf sporting skills will dramatically improve faster than you can imagine.

  1. Pinemeadow PRE Men’s 16-Piece Complete Golf Set


This golf set is truly a prize worthy golf club to have. It is such an ideal golf club for you a beginner because it comes with 16-pieces of components and a dozen golf balls. Besides, it offers you excellent 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 9 stainless steel irons, 3-wood set and a titanium-enhanced driver improvised with a graphite shaft and an attractive mallet putter. You will be thrilled to know that this golf club also comes with an extra hybrid a 3-wood and three extra head covers for the driver. Although it is relatively cheap, this golf club is top-notch and comfortable for you golf sporting.

  1. Wilson Men’s Profile XLS Complete Package Golf Set, Right Hand


The XlS complete golf club set is your best right-hand partner in your golfing endeavors. It is a hybrid golf club that integrates cutting-edge technology to give you the best trajectory and forgiveness to perfect your beginner-level skills all the way to becoming a pro golfer.

It might not be the most cost-effective golf club, but it gives you specially engineered sets to make you a fast swing speed and full control of the long distance from it elegant design. It comes with a 460 cc driver, which is enhanced with power weighting technology.

It comes with a fairway wood that has great playability for both rough and fair ground. This golf club set also features stainless steel irons with great forgiveness allowance. Lastly, it comprises of a steady putter, high-launch technology hybrid and a sand wedge with a wide-sole low weighting for a beginner-level golfer.

  1. Wilson Men’s Ultra Complete Package Golf Set


Although all golf clubs are designed innovatively, the Wilson Complete Golf set is an intuitive and high performance golf club with unrivalled functionality. As you might have already guessed, it will steer you towards great improvement in golfing over short span of time given it high functionality. This golf set includes 3 woods, iron 5-PW, 4 hybrids, a driver and a strong driver. The wood and driver both have graphite shafts, which make them very durable and dependable.

The glory of the Wilson Complete Golf set is its modern putter that is designed to help you achieve high precision in your putting skills.

It is time for you to improve your golfing skills and you could not be any better with one of the best golf clubs for beginners highlighted herein.

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