8 Make Up Tips for Every Man


Who said makeup was meant for women only? Men do use makeup as much as women do and there is nothing unusual about it.

In today’s time where the internet has been jammed up by makeup tips for women, we have come up with 8 miraculous Make-up tips for Men that will ease all the complexities associated with applying makeup and help you out in getting your dashiest look ever.

And with Nykaa coupons by your side, you never need to worry about expenses and quality as Nykaa assures that you get the best of both of them. So, all the men out there take a look at these tips and explore your realms.

1.    Add Moisture to your face and neck

Before you proceed towards getting the complete makeup look, ensure that you make peace with the moisturizing process first.

Applying makeup on dry and rough skin won’t help you at all and even if you apply it on such skin, you aren’t going to come out as that flawless.

So firstly clean your face and neck well and moisturize both the areas thoroughly with recommended face moisturizer for men.

You can choose between different types of moisturizers as per your skin type and the routine that you follow.

Massage it well so that even a bit of your face doesn’t feel dry and does emanate a healthy look.

2.    Take care of the under eye area

Be it men or women, both of them are required to lay due to the emphasis on covering and caring for the under eye area in the most appropriate manner. Eyes are indeed the true reflector of the shine and confidence you carry and hence they need to be specially taken care of.

Start cleansing your delicate under eye area by using any gentle eye cleansing cloths and they will render a soothing experience to it.

After that apply an eye gel and leave it for 10 minutes. By this time your under eye area must be feeling rejuvenated and that puffiness must have disappeared.

Then to fight with dark circles, don’t forget to apply an eye cream and you are done.

3.    Soothe your lips with a lip balm

Taking care of minutes surely adds to the overall presence you emanate! Men are lazy enough to take care of their lips and most of the times they get out without moisturizing them at all.

But this won’t work at all as taking due care of lips is important if you really want to get the perfect look of your life.

So all the men out there ensure that you moisturize your lips well with a lip balm all over the day at regular intervals. And yes place them in the bag you carry or your pocket so that they are always at your rescue.

4.    Trim your facial hair properly

Facial hair, If not groomed properly can come up as one of the biggest look spoilers for you! Men while meeting up they’re varying makeup requirements often fail to take notice of the growing up facial hair and as a result of the same end up like that.

Stay one step ahead from other men and trim your facial hair at regular intervals by using the small pair of scissors, eye or nose trimmers etc. You need to ensure that your eyebrows, beard, and mustache are perfectly trimmed before you move out.

5.    Applying Light should be your goal

Keeping things light and real has indeed emerged as a fashion trend nowadays! So, guys, you must not apply a lot of makeup on your face as that in some way or the other hides your natural appeal and makes you look artificial instead.

You always have to come up like you aren’t wearing any makeup at all and to achieve this no makeup look proficiently, you need to use the minimal amount of makeup on your face. For instance, you can use concealers to hide age spots, under-eye spots, acne etc.

Make sure that you avoid using tinted moisturizers as they add too much color effect to your look.

6.    Contour it well

Contouring is creativity! Makeup products provide you with the freedom to experiment and explore your features well, don’t they? Contouring properly is the key to get the exact type of look that you always dreamt of and that too within some minutes.

For Men, it is advisable that they contour in a way that lay some emphasis on their cheekbones, making them appear clean and awesome at the same time.

For contouring in a much-needed manner, you must be aware of the basics first and after that, you can experiment with it as per your expectations.

Always remember poor contouring has the power to ruin everything just like good contouring has the power to make everything appear fascinating.

7.    Take your Guyliner out

Liners beautify the eyes like nothing else! And it is pretty obvious that men won’t prefer embracing winged eyeliners like women do but still some of them like their eyes to look more appealing. For men who want to add that poppy effect to every eye, shaping a special guyliner work wonders.

Just try to form a dotted line along your lower and upper lashes and by doing so your eyes will turn out to be elaborative and attractive than ever before.

8.    Get your basics right

Some of you might be following all the makeup tips and tricks properly and still not getting the expecting glow! Makeup fixes your flaws, it does enhance your look but not as much as daily skin care routines can.

Rather than indulging into so many artificial makeup products, invest in some skin care masks, creams, lotions, serums and a lot more and by this, your skin will become more healthy. And nothing looks better than a glow that comes from within. And now the makeup you will carry will double its charm.

Embrace the new you!

Why should girls have all the fun, especially when it comes to looking their best and using quality makeup products? Let’s talk about gender quality and put these quick and easy makeup hacks for men in use and reap the benefits of looking phenomenal all over again.

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