There are 500 wonders in the world that you have to see how many you have left to visit


Lonely Planet’s team of travel specialists has made a selection of fascinating places, all of which are rigorously arranged in a list of the 500 best destinations on the planet. Something like the 500 wonders of the world that every tourist should see (well, let’s try to see). The set of palaces and gardens of the Alhambra in Granada and the temple of the Sagrada Familia, by Antonio Gaudí, are among the 20 best places in the world to travel. They compete with other places such as the Taj Mahal, Grand Canyon, Great Barrier Reef, British Museum of London or Petra in Jordan. From the Lifestyle News the most enduring symbol of Al Andalus in Europe, The Alhambra is considered by the guide as an “undisputed beauty” monument that draws millions of people around the world to its network of luxuriously decorated palaces and gardens with the snow-capped peaks of the Sierra Nevada As a backdrop. The Sagrada Familia, masterpiece of modernism, is highly valued by travelers despite being under construction one hundred years after the death of its author, Antonio Gaudí. Its end date is still a mystery: probably somewhere between 2020 and 2040.

wonders in the world

The first place in this list is occupied by Angkor Temples that have surpassed all the destinations of the world in this list by number of recommendations. Angkor Wat is the largest temple in the world dedicated to the god Visnu and the main attraction of a complex of more than 1,000 temples, shrines and tombs in the middle of the jungle of northern Cambodia. Among other recommended destinations are other fascinating places on the planet such as: the Great Australian Barrier Reef, Machu Picchu (Peru), Great Wall of China, Rome Coliseum, Iguazu Falls in Argentina, Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, or Santorini in Greece, among others. To prepare the publication, an initial list was drawn up with the highlights of all Lonely Planet guides with all the points of interest that would have drawn the attention of the authors over the years. This list was narrowed down to a pre-selected list. The entire Lonely Planet community was then asked to vote its 20 favorite places. Among the most voted were those who scored the highest score and the first of them was the winner with a big difference.