5 Tips To Keep In Mind When Creating A Brand Identity For Your Business



Brand identity plays a major role in the success of most businesses. Having an impactful product name or logo design that captures the fancy and attention of the public will help your business create familiarity in their minds, helping you sell your products and services more easily. And if you are in the process of creating a brand identity for your business, then the below tips will definitely help you perfect it.

Think Of The Message

Always keep in mind the message you wish to project. Every business will seek to create an impression about itself in the public mind. For example, the brand Hilton projects luxury. In the same way, you should make sure that the brand identity captures the feel of your business very well. For example, if you are a law firm handling expensive lawsuits, then it is better to not use free-flowing, curvy fonts for your company name. Instead, the fonts must have straight lines and a solid foundation that projects a feeling of reliability and trust.

Consult Your Employees

It is a good idea to consult with your employees as to how they feel about a proposed brand identity. So, if you are creating a logo for your business, then judging it by yourself only gives you a single perspective on it. Instead, show it to your employees too. They will have ideas of what the business is all about and whether the logo reflects those qualities very well or not.

Hire The Best Designer

Remember that the brand identity you create today is going to have a huge impact n how people perceive you for many years to come. Bad, amateurish design can make your business look terrible. So, always hire a top quality designer to create your brand identity. Never skimp on your budget for this one.

File A Trademark

You should always trademark your brand identity as soon as it is created. If you don’t do a trademark filing, then someone else might use your logo and name to sell the same products that you are selling. For example, if you sell fruit juice in the name of ‘Juizy’, and the product is a hit with customers, then some other business might also try to take advantage of your success by selling fruit juice in the same name ‘Juizy’.But if you have trademarked your name, then you will able to sue them and stop such activities.

Be Consistent

Make sure that all the elements in your brand identity gel well with each other. If they mismatch, then they may not create the desired effect. For example, if you are a law firm, and the font of your logo looks straight and solid, then you should stay away from using vibrant, bright colors like pink and orange. Instead, colors like black, grey, metallic grey etc. have to be used to give off a consistent vibe.

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