5 Foods to Avoid If You Have Joint Pain


When you are suffering from joint pain, it means you have discomfort, you feel some inflammations and soreness in all of your joints in your body. Arthritis and gout are the two main triggers of joint pain. Although there are numerous anti-inflammatory foods such as ginger, turmeric, and garlic that can help to ease your joint pain, weightlosstop.com provides you with a top-ranked joint support pill which is an all-inclusive formula for your joint pain. However, there are foods that trigger inflammation and pain and should be avoided.

Here are the top 5 foods to avoid if you have joint pain.

  1. Sugar

If you are suffering from joint pain, you should avoid donuts, chocolate bars and other foods that contain sugar. Avoiding foods containing larger amounts of possessed sugar in your diet can also aid to ease joint pain. Note that, refined sugars cause the discharge of inflammatory messengers called cytokines. Examples are sugar in candy, sodas, and other snacks. Excess sugars in your body exert pressure on your joints which can cause obesity. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid consuming high amounts of sugar since it will increase inflammation. However, you can opt for natural sugar such as the ones found in fruits.

  1. Dairy Products

Dairy has been seen as a trigger of inflammation thus making in another type of foods that can increase joint pain due to the high level of protein casein in the dairy products. This type of protein is also associated with irritating the tissue around the joints. Research has shown that, a big number of adults have at most some difficulty in digesting milk, regardless of whether they know that or not. Consuming pasteurized dairy when suffering from joint pain or any type of chronic pain can trigger an inflammatory response. Therefore, if you are suffering from joint pain, you need to avoid dairy products in your diet instead opt for non-dairy products.

  1. Alcohol and tobacco

Alcohol and tobacco have been seen to contribute numerous health complications, so you must avoid it if you are suffering from joint pain. Apart from being hard on your liver, alcohol consumption has a negative impact on joint pain. In fact, smokers have a higher risk of rheumatoid arthritis and on the other hand, beer contains purines which are converted into uric acid in your body thus leading to severe joint pain. Another component that is contained in beer is gluten, which has a negative effect on fragile joints. Drinkers also have a higher risk of developing gout. Therefore cut out smoking and limit or cut out alcohol consumption if you want to ease your joint pain.

  1. Eggs

If you eat eggs on a regular basis, you risk an increased swelling and increased joint pain. Note that, egg yolks contain arachidonic acid which causes the production of prostaglandins, and this is a kind of lipid autacoids which generates inflammation in your body. Also, eggs contain saturated fat, which can also trigger inflammation and pain. Therefore, it’s good you skip eggs in your meals or if you will eat, then avoid the yolk.

  1. Salt and preservatives

A lot of packaged processed foods contain too much salt and other preservative that are mean to stay on the shelf longer. In fact, a study has shown that the salt contained in packaged foods is 100 times greater compared to salt contained in homemade foods. Therefore, it is good to avoid too much salt in your diet, and more to that avoid eating junk food and other packaged foods if you are suffering from joint pain.