5 Best Remedies for Whisky Hangovers



In the morning after a wild party you realize drinking isn’t a fun at all because now it’s time to suffer its consequences. Nausea, headache, upset stomach, and irritated liver are here to say you good morning and you know well it’s not good at any way. Last night party has reserved for you, the next 24 hours suffering in your fate and there is no way to escape. However, you can lessen it by eating best food for hangover or taking NAC for liver. Even these remedies give you a limited relief by transforming the dreaded hangover pain into bearable pain.

Reasons of Whisky Hangovers

Whisky falls in the category of best alcohols which produce little by-products like aldehyeds and ketones. They show less hangover symptoms as compared to low quality alcohol. The following reasons, might count if you are facing severe symptoms of hangover:

  • Low grade and cheap whisky
  • Low amount of liquids in body before drinking
  • Mixed with low quality alcohol
  • Combination of different whisky
  • Excess drinking beyond a certain limit

Best Ways to Ease a Whisky Hangover

Shivering body, nausea, and headache are difficult to endure. To prevent and eradicate these problems, you need to fix them as soon as possible. Follow these tips and feel better in no time.

  1. N-Acetylcysteine (NAC)

NAC for liver is best remedy for curing hangover pain. You can take it 15-20 minutes before drinking and the same amount after drinking. NAC improves liver functionality by increasing the amount of Gluthathione that reduces toxic alcohol. Moreover, NAC boosts immune system and empowers the body to fight against toxins.

  1. Ibuprofen

Take Ibuprofen when you find the pain unbearable. It’s a pain killer and anti-inflammatory medication that prevents your brain from getting swollen. The lack of water affects your mind and triggers serious pain. Ibuprofen blocks the pain receptors and you don’t feel the pain of alcohol by-products, i.e. aldehydes and ketones.

  1. Take Vitamins

Vitamin B and C gives excellent results in preventing hangover pain when you take them right after drinking. Prefer a brand that offers hundred percent vitamins and not a slight amount of drug. They produce Gluthathione that fight against toxins.

  1. Get Fresh Air and Exercise

Pure oxygen is extremely beneficial for curing hangover. Doctors and nurses take fresh oxygen after drinking as it relives hangover pain by mixing with blood. Oxygen molecules reacts with alcohol molecules and break them down quickly. Exercise causes sweating which excretes several contaminats from the body.

  1. Knowing about the best food for hangover is necessary for alcohol consumers. Foods like eggs, bread, banana, and leafy greens are full of potassium, amino acid, and calcium. They quickly release toxins and restore the amount of minerals in the body. Coffee, coconut juice, fresh fruit juices, and chicken noodle soup are effective in hangover pain. These drinks significantly reduce the impact of nausea, headache, shivering body, and upset stomach.