4 Good Reasons to Seek Relationship Counseling


The topmost reasons couples seek counseling is for aid with a personal and close relationship. Although relationship counseling tends to be seen as something for only relationships in problems, there are numerous reasons people might seek it. Either small or larger issues, all are essential and deserve to be looked at and sorted.

Nowadays, marriage rates are on the decline. Research has also seen that divorce rates vary with the couples’ level of education, religious beliefs among other factors. However, when divorce happens, it causes difficulties for adults and children. In fact for adults, divorce tends to be one of the life’s most stressful moments. To children, they may feel denied, have feelings of abandonment, anger, blame, guilt and many other feelings associated. When couples come across problems or issues, they may be unsure when it is suitable to seek marriage counseling.  Here are 4 good reasons to seek relationship counseling:

  • Communication problems

For every successful marriage relationship, communication is essential. In fact, it forms the foundation of every relationship. Communication can happen in a variety of ways such as physical communication, communication through phone, text, and even social media. A therapist will teach you how to communicate with your partner in a positive and effective manner that works. Wake up counseling and mediation therapists can aid evaluate and offer most effective ADD or ADHD treatment for adults to counter challenges at work and personal life. With proper counseling, a couple can be able to make a conscious choice of communication mode and not just fall back on what they recognize from their history.

  • Communication has become depressing

Once communication becomes negative, it tends to be difficult to keep on and on the right direction. Negative communication can be termed as anything that makes one partner feel depressed, insecure disregarded or wanting to leave the discussion. Additionally, it can include the tone of the discussion. Note that how you say it matters more than what you say. Negative communication can also be said as any communication that not only leads to hurt feelings, but emotional or physical abuse, and also nonverbal conversation.

  • Pre-marriage counseling

Before you tie the knot with your partner, your chances are that, you face numerous problems. Premarital counseling is the best time to talk many things and one of the things to discuss is finances. You need to put it clear if bank accounts will be shared, important decisions about what to buy will also need to be clarified, that is who will be responsible for making those decisions. What about household tasks? Is the discussion considering children? What will be the role of in-laws in your life?

All these issues need to be discussed during premarital counseling.

  • Sex issues

Truth be told, sex forms an important aspect in every relationship. However, many couples are not always on the same page sexually.  In fact, sex is something that heals and brings couples together, however, it can be filled with anxiety, embarrassment, anger and hurt. Whether regularity differences, boredom, the emotional disconnection that lessens desire, infidelity by couples all case conflict and can be helped by counseling. These four are just a few of the reasons to seek relationship counseling.