3 valuable tips on selecting birthday party package and venue


There are times when you have your lad’s birthday coming up in a few days, and you are still pounding over where to arrange the party. Things can be tiresome, and with the facilities like Jumper’s Jungle family fun center around you in Peoria, you might be thinking whether to opt for such place or not. Well, it is clear that selecting such a venue will make things easy for you and save you from a lot of hustle, here are 3 valuable tips on choosing the package and place.


The first thing you need to choose is the venue. The location can be highly impactful in determining the overall theme of the party, the atmosphere and environment, and the food that will be served.

When making the selection, first think about how spacious the place should be. It directly depends on how many people you want to accommodate. Then comes the party time that you are allowed party. Do not forget to see for extra charges if guests stay in play area after party. Also, the cost per additional half hour for room and the surrounding crowd area should be taken into consideration. Apart from these things, you may also like to count on deposit and whether it is refundable or not.


The next thing you need to choose is the package. At first glance, they may appear to be highly attractive but do read it thoroughly at least twice before opting for it. Look up for how many kids the package can accommodate. Various party packages are available at Jumper’s Jungle Family Fun Center starting from 10 kids to all the way up to 30 kids. Do not forget to check out the package details, compare them with each other, look up for the cost of an additional kid or adult, and consider the decoration and room set up too. Moreover, see the balloons, party equipment, themes available, party host availability, assistants that are present in the room, games, food, bags, etc.

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Food is among the necessities of a party, and it should be of the best quality. When you are selecting the place, see what kind of food is available. Look at your choice and the volume of food per kid. Also, do not forget to ask if you can bring stuff from outside and what are the charges of carrying such food (if any). The authorities should be able to provide you plates, tablecloths, and other cutlery items. If you plan to host adults too, check for the adult food as well. The birthday cake might be included in your package. If not, ask whether you can get it delivered at the place before the party starts.

Final note

So, these are the things that will help you in choosing the right birthday party venue in Peoria. Do not forget to check out the Jumper’s Jungle as it might be the perfect place for you. If you plan your visit, here are the necessary details:


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