10 Things to do to bring more attention on your profile


How many of us have social media accounts whether active or dormant? Of course, the answer is that almost everyone has an account. And whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or what makes you feel on top of the game, their use is increasing by the day.  But even as many use them for personal intention, others are quickly turning them around for business use.

So what exactly are you using your social media account for? Is it for business or personal use? How updated it is? Is it all inclusive including your profile? Do you know the secret of attracting the correct audience to your profile? The following are some of the strategies anyone can apply to bring more attention to your profile: –

  1. Guest blogging

What are the today’s standards for blogging? What effect does it have in attracting and retaining the correct audience to your profile? Guest blogging helps in building a brand. How? By increasing traffic to your site or profile. But you must exercise some caution of the recently introduced penalties for spammy tactics.

  1. Email marketing

How effective are email towards growing your audience? Apparently, email marketing has become very powerful to millions of business, which are focused on attracting new customers. Who would have ever thought that a simple email would result in a significant uptick in traffic? But trust you me, it is very practical today.

  1. Are you being heard in your comments section?

Do we all understand the meaning of being part of a conversation on any site? And by the way, commenting on them does not necessarily translate into referral traffic right away. However, it helps in making a name for yourself. And what is the trick? Use of insightful and provocative comments within your industry. But how about the use of creating yourself cartoonavatar creator?

An Avatar helping in creating carton like images, which you can put on your profile to trigger more attention.

  1. But how about the use of use of about using translate into nice to your profile?
    le? e is increasing one has an accountHow about incorporating a video into your content strategy?

Well, there is power in the words? But how about the use of a video, which is equally a valuable asset in both attracting new visitors and creating engagement? And did you know that a video is likely to capture a higher audience’s attention than a written word?

  1. How fast is your site?

How many people have the patience when it comes to the opening of sites? Your answer is as good as mine – very few. And this means to have your profile accessible your site must be quick to open. How? By use of technically optimized pages.

  1. Are you conversant with your industry?

How many people have you asked to interview regarding your industry? And who are you targeting? Apparently, information is not only with Industry Thought Leaders but also the average person. Believe you me, interviewing them will help in boosting your credibility.

  1. Use of On – Page SEO

Did you know optimization of content for search engines is still a worthwhile practice? Yes it is. And unlike what many thought, it is not dead. Simple Meta descriptions are good enough in boosting attention to your profile.

  1. Get social

How helpful will it be if you produce great content without being proactive? Getting social through other social media channels is a real deal.

  1. Inviting others to blog on your site

More people on your site are likely to share and link to their guest article. And in return attract new readers to your site.  But remember what is posted must be of high-quality, original content and without spammy links.

  1. How responsive is your site?

Let’s all agree; the use of desktops is not as common as it used to be some years back. Meaning? You must make your site accessible from a range of devices.