10 Kayak Accessories You Can’t Do Without


There are so many products for kayaking available in the market and it is really tough to select among them. Due to increasing trend of kayaking its accessories are also becoming popular but to select among those accessories is a really a struggle. Below mentioned are best kayak accessories that you should select.

1- Kayak Cart
C- TUG cart is specifically designed to transport the kayak from water. It is the right equipment that is designed to be easily handled. You don’t need any tools to operate it. This cart proves to be beneficial as it it fits to the hatch on kayak of your storage area and you can simply paddle it with you. This cart has been designed to be extra safe and with resistant materials that keeps the cart durable even after the long use in salty water.

2- Dry Pack
Seal line dry bag really helps the users in keeping his belonging dry and safe when they are out on water. It has been made by using durable fabric that lets you keep your things safe in the bag while you are on water.

3- Solar Charger
Solar Charger by Sokoo is the best option for you when you are out of the home for few days and you need to keep all your gadgets operating without having electricity. This charger is waterproof and really easy to carry as it is lightweight. This charger is of 22 watts that provides 5 volts battery to your device. Your cell phone, camera, fish finder and GPS device all could be charged by the use of this charger.

4- Life Jacket
Life Jacket by Stohlquist Edge is considered to be a life saver which has been made with fine quality fabric and comfortable design. This jacket has got shoulder straps and waist buckle that is convenient and is available in different sizes.

5- Kayak Rack
Kayak Rack by EZ is specially designed to cater the needs of people who want to free space and prevent the floor from damage. It has also got a safety strap that lets your cart be secure.

6- Anchor
Kayak Anchor by BEST is made for kayaking and is typically designed to suit small sized boats. It is lightweight and designed to be resistant so it is durable.

7- GPS Watch
GPS watch by Garmin Fenix is a device that is useful and most of the times essential when you are out for on the water. This watch is high tech and is also waterproof that makes it durable for longer use. You can also swim when wearing this watch.

8- Rod Holder
Scotty Rod holders help the user in the fishing trip. It is designed to be strong that lets you to adjust the Rod and to move it in directions.

9- LED Light by Kayalu Kayalite
This LED light is designed for the people who like to paddle at night. This light helps you to stay safe and is also durable to use.

10- Safety Touring Kit by NRS Basic
You should be having safety kits with you when you are out on water for paddling. This safety kit is a good option when you are on kayak. This kit includes helmet, whistle and a sponge.