The importance of speaking another language

To get a better job, access to more and better information or to travel safely and avoid communication problems, nowadays learn a second language is almost essential. A specialized language teaching teacher explains why it is a fundamental requirement for our CVs.

Legend has it that once a tourist walking the streets of a Spanish-speaking country. It is with a group of people and makes them obligatory question: “Sorry, do you speak Inglés?”. People look at each other and one answer “sorry, we do not speak English.” The tourist returns to the fray and ask “Sprechen Sie Deutsch?”. The people of the country look at each other again, this time with astonishment face and one of them says, “No sir.” The tourist, makes a last attempt and asks, “Excuse Moi, Parlez vous francais?”. This time all you get in response is a nod by the group. The tourist walks away crestfallen and someone from the group says, “they saw how many languages he spoke this gringo?”, And one of them replied: “For what helped him …”. And the group is removed with laughter.

The importance of speaking another language

A few meters ahead, a young man who did understand English could help tourists, accompanied him to the hotel I was looking for, struck up a friendship and a few years later, became the leading distributor in the country of electronics products He is selling “the gringo”.

This story, which is probably certainly serves to illustrate the importance of speaking a second language besides their own and how they can positively affect the lives of people.

A study a few months ago jointly by the Ministry of Education of Spain and the British Council, and published in the newspaper El Pais of Madrid, used the experience of 120 Spanish bilingual public schools to demonstrate that students in school learning a second language perform better in learning the language itself.

Learning a second language (and in some cases a third) is not a waste of time as formerly thought, but it is an investment, because learning another language not only increases the chances of getting a better work a positive impact on their personal financial situation as reported in the example, but enriches the social and cultural life of the individual as the language is the key to culture.

Consider for a moment what happens in the world today. Internet is an inexhaustible source of information, much of which is in English. The technology, which does not stop its march, constantly gives us new challenges also in English, the business world and science are handled almost exclusively in English … we could go on citing instances where English is almost exclusive language express themselves and be understood.

In our country another interesting phenomenon that reinforces learning a second language is given. Because of our geographic location we are neighbors of one of the economic powers of the world and, perhaps, one of the countries with the greatest potential and growth in the coming years: Brazil. The stock exchange San Pablo is now the second largest exchange in the world behind Hong Kong, Petrobras is the second largest oil company after Exxon Mobil, the current growth rates and projected for the Brazilian economy are the most attractive in the world . The best and most important for us is that Brazil (because of its geographical proximity and cultural affinity) will certainly be a mandatory reference for all Argentines in the coming years.

For these reasons, the Portuguese will be an almost exclusive language learning for those who want to do business, get better jobs or visiting for many are the best beaches in the region. Moreover, surely, it will be complemented with English as the universal language of business.

Finally, learn another language helps people understand that the world is not all the same, that there are cultural differences and develop confidence in their social relations because it improves their interaction with the environment, preparing them for the future that will become increasingly demanding. For as many times as it is mentioned: “The illiterate of the future will who do not drive a computer and does not dominate another language.”

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Why is Twitter regarded as best social media?

If you have not work with the twitter before, and you have a fear to use it that how it works and what are the key features? After using this media than considering that it is one of the best known social media and it offers the easiest format of social networks with less amount of time to start it and to maintain it. Just like other social Medias, it requires to get more twitter followers instantly and to use it and how can we interact using this. To get satisfaction compare it with other social media, it will take a little bit time to start it and its own going. The best thing for the people who want to use it for the first time is there are some best quality articles which help a lot the people having tutorials and helpful material. Following are some of the reasons showing that the twitter may be the best and easiest social media for any organization to create their own best brand interactivity and real-time relationships with the customers.

Why is Twitter regarded as best social media

1- Twitter is free:

Like all other best social networks it is also free of cost which means you can freely get started with this media and you are allowed to continue unlimited database as you want.

2- Minimum time is taken to get start:

Unlike the social Medias like Facebook and MySpace and many other which can be very great to increase your contacts and relations with the people sitting in anywhere far away from you, it takes less time to start an is easy and straightforward social media.

3-   Easy building of Database:

If you already exist a database of the contacts you can also search for them using twitter and can send messages.

4-    It is not time-consuming:

It’s your decision that how frequently you want to twitter. You can also access it few times in a week as you want which means you are not restricted.

5-    No involvement of technical experience for 500 twitter followers:

It is very simple to use as writing and submitting and line. There is no coding or technical experience required to access it or to use it.

6-   Google’s Favorite:

Google pick their updates and then put it for searches.

7-   Easy to share Links and updates:

If you belong to any business and your customers are sitting in front of the computers you can judge that when any new product arrives regular news updates.

8-   Make real-time relationships:

By sending updates regularly to your customers, your customer will feel like they are interacting or communicating with you by getting new updated time by time. Most companies trust and rely on and value as much as they can because they need the products services.

9- Masses of customers can take updates:

If the people belonging to any company is highly tuned that what your company does twitter is the way to provide you the words and link in a very efficient way.

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Quick Fix Weight loss With 3 week diet

All of us struggle in our daily lives to reach our desired goals for weight. Whether it is a wedding or any kind of special event, we expect ourselves to look our absolute best so that we can look nice and feel nice and on top of all impress everyone with our choice of clothes. But mostly, our choice of clothes aren’t either available in our sizes or we don’t feel that they will look nice on us because we think our weight would not compliment it. Losing weight is one of the most searched about topics and all we find ourselves seeking for is a quick fix that will erase all our worries and make us look absolutely fabulous in whatever we wear!

This is why we should try the 3-week diet that has been recommended by many practitioners and people who have tried and tested it. Weight loss is not such a big worry after all after you adopt this diet and follow it as it is to be followed. Things and foods that are to be avoided are not much but if you avoid them and kick them out of your daily routine, it will be evident in the following 3 weeks why you should leave them and focus on more important foods that contain fiber and protein. Carbohydrates are a big no-no when adopting the 3-week diet as they will only slow your metabolism and in this diet all you need is foods that speed up your metabolism and burn fat faster than foods that would otherwise make your system sluggish and slow. Sugar is also to be completely omitted because it is very fattening and will only make and store excess fat inside your body, so even after completing this diet you should be careful about sugar and should keep your intake in check, because not only does it aid weight gain but also contributes to a lot of other diseases and illnesses, and for a healthy lifestyle and stable weight loss one needs to consider losing bad choices of food.

On the other hand, using lemon juice in your diet will help fast track your weight loss and you will see a significant change in yourself in just a few day time. Lemon has long been known to aid quick weight loss and incorporating it in your drinks, smoothies and even food is a very good option. Moreover, your body should be fed good proteins like chicken and seafood because they will fill you up but also not add so much to your calories, and if you want the best results then you should either boil or bake these proteins in a hint of olive oil and squeeze some lemon juice a top and voila! your food will be perfect and tasty! Over the 3 weeks you choose to carry out your diet you should remember to follow all the steps as told and you will see a change in yourself in just 3 weeks!

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How Psoriasis affects people of color and what do about it?


Psoriasis is a skin condition that causes red and crusty patches of skin, sometimes covered with silver scales. It normally appears on elbows, knees, scalp and back but it can appear anywhere on the body. Some people are only affected with small patches and sometimes the patches can be itchy or sore.

The condition actually starts from underneath the skin. It is a long lasting disease of the immune system that can either be mild or severe. It can also be associated with a form of arthritis, Type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

The good news is that you can now receive psoriasis treatment in Australia and there are various treatment options and strategies that can help you live well with the condition.

Here are some facts about psoriasis;

  • Normal skin takes about 28 to 30 days to produce new skins cells and shed the old ones. With psoriasis, the immune system is overactive and triggers skin inflammation, causing skin cells to be produced faster than normal. New skin cells are pushed to the surface in 3-4 days.
  • While the new skin cells are being produced, the old dead skins cells are pushed to the top of the surface, forming thick, red, itchy patches called plaques.
  • The cause of Psoriasis is still unknown.

How Psoriasis affects people of colour;

  • People of colour still face challenges like misdiagnosis, lack of awareness about the condition, delayed or wrong treatment, limited access to care and social stigma.
  • People of colour also have more extensive psoriasis involvement where the condition covers a wider surface area and experience a more negative impact  due to lack of awareness and thus face social stigma.
  • Psoriasis is not a widely known condition and there is little awareness in communities where the condition is prevalent.

What can be done?

  • Create more awareness about the condition.
  • For anyone who suffers from the condition, share this information with family and friends who support you.
  • Join a support group and meet others living with psoriasis for support and encouragement.
  • Take care of your overall health; get enough sleep, exercise, reduce stress inducers and eat a balanced diet.
  • Identify what triggers or worsens your psoriasis by using a health journal to keep track of your condition.


Visit for psoriasis treatment Australia.

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How to buy best lighted makeup mirror

Did you know that most of bedroom and bathroom mirrors are not suitable for putting on makeup? One of the most common makeup mistakes is putting on makeup without ample lighting and only discovering the damage when you’re halfway through a party, or worse- not discovering it at all until getting home from date night!
Fret not! there’s no need to build a brightly lit makeup studio in your house like they do for photoshoots. with the right makeup mirror, your makeup will appear significantly more precise and refined. Choosing a makeup mirror can be a stressful task. However, with your preference and specifications in mind, it can be easy. Here are some criteria to take note of before purchasing a makeup mirror:

1- Space, portability and size generally, there are three different types of makeup mirror, either a mounted one, a standing one, or portable one. A makeup mirror mounted on your wall way be good as you can save tabletop space, aside from the advantage of opting for it to be powered via electric wiring and dispensing the need of batteries. Amounted mirror can also be of a larger size, limited only by the surface of you wall. If you wish to mount the makeup mirror on material such as glass, you may opt for a suction makeup mirror instead. A tabletop mirror on the other hand offers more flexibility. Unlike some mounted mirrors, tabletop makeup mirrors may also come with 2 sided mirrors (one of which may have the effect of anti-glare) and an adjustable arm, so that it can be swiveled or rotated to suit your desired needs and angle. It is also portable around your home. If you intend to buy a makeup mirror for traveling, a foldable compact makeup mirror would be the best choice.

2-Light considering that the main function of the makeup mirror is to mimic daylight and provide  optimal lighting, light itself is an important feature. Most makeup mirrors offer a surrounding ligh and halo light, which would be quite adequate. However, if you wish to have more control over the lighting, you may opt for a makeup mirror which more specific settings, for example one which can be set to “day/night” or “home/office”, or- just simply- Levels of brightness. On a side note, LED lighting may save on energy consumption and be more energy efficient.

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Information on Fat Burners


 The beta switch is types of supplement which can assist the body to lose weight and burn fat without problems. This best fat burner for women may be mainly helpful due to the fact they produce short results. They are also quite simple to take and eat. Recent times have seen an exchange in procedures to weight reduction and staying healthful. Each person has ended up enthusiastic about health and physical activities and wants to stay narrow through sports and diets. This has led to weight reduction regimens that target middle areas of the body.

best fat burner for women

There are numerous human beings, who aren’t committed to their exercises, or are unable to work out or eating regimen for ordinary intervals. For such humans there are without problems available answers like fats burners. They’re commonly used and enjoyed via maximum customers. There are numerous types to be had in the marketplace. There are some which might be manufactured from natural components and extracts and then there are some that are made from chemical substances.

One of the maximum common kinds of fat burners available these days is the Ephedrine. In advance the best fat burner for women to be had inside the marketplace could incorporate ephedrine and have been commonplace. But because of the numerous threats posed with the aid of the aspect effects of those burners many humans are now in search of fats burners that produce no critical side outcomes. As an alternative they are made from natural and natural types which assist in losing weight in a healthy manner.

There are some fat burners which are made especially for girls. These are to assist to target the predominant weight loss regions for girls like hips, thighs and stomach. There has been an increasing call for the natural and herbal fats burners after the famous ephedrine became researched to be dangerous and become banned by way of the FDA. Those new types proved to be very famous with the girl’s marketplace. Girls are usually greater concerned about their weight compared to men. They’re additionally inclined to try various diets and fats burners till they discover something that works.

It is not crucial for fats burners to be the ideal manner for losing weight. The fat burners additionally show extra powerful if they may be mixed with weight-reduction plan and workout. It’s been visible that although the fat burners do assist humans to free weight their results can be sent the first-rate when they are accompanied with an alternate of lifestyle. Though strict diets and ordinary exercises are required to unfastened weight a trade in lifestyle additionally facilitates in the same.

These can be addition to a food plan for purchasing first-rate effects. It is pleasant to begin software and lose 5 to 10 pounds within the first month and then pass directly to excessive ranges. Without a change in lifestyle the fine impact of that merchandise cannot be visible.

Now a day there are a massive range of fat burners which are to be had within the market. A few best fat burner for women work higher but a few does no longer paintings properly. So it’s miles very difficult to pick which is perfect for you. But you can get an concept from the others who’ve already used those fats burners. As a result you may decide if you want to work for you. Now you may rank a fats burner in keeping with its charge or its multi-criteria evaluation i.E. What makes them good and exclusive from others? Here a listing of the top 10 fats burner is given but it’ll be better if you speak with your doctor earlier than using any weight reduction.

Right here call of the pinnacle 10 fats burner is given by comparing its effectiveness, fee and component lists. Consistent with this comparison the top 10 fat loss solutions are as follows:

  • Lipofuze:- Now this is the most desired fats burner inside the marketplace. Lipofuze has been implemented with the maximum advanced clinical step forward in weight loss era. It’s miles exceptional from other fat burn by means of its long time weight reduction results. Person of Lipofuze has an average revel in of dropping 10.7 kilos in 7 days.
  • Phentemine375- it is a newly synthesized weight reduction. This is first rate for each males and females. Definitely it provides some powerful synthesized hormones and compounds which lower the frame’s ability to save fat and boom the ability to burn saved fat.
  • Boda Extract No. it is FDA accredited for its two basic functions: you can be capable of lose frame fats and can construct lean muscle via the use of this. Its efficiency is likewise clinically proved.
  • AcaiPure- It incorporates an factor named Acai Berry that’s a striking antioxidant. The alternative elements of this tablet are also extraordinarily wholesome and efficient for weight loss.
  • Proactol:- The cactus Optunia ficus-indica is the supply of its principal element. Its predominant first-class is that it’s far totally organically grown herbal fat binder which has been clinically proved. It has no side impact.
  • Liposom:- This fats burner is a mixture of pesticide loose plant and vitamins. Its particular technique is that it can burn fat even whilst you are snoozing.
  • This weight loss supplement is completely freed from any derivative elements or ephedra. It isn’t a direct fat burning product like others but in case you take it with food plan and exercise then you could be able to get a higher end result.
  • Xenadrine Hardcore fat Burner:- This product has now removed ephedrine from its elements and therefore reinvented itself.
  • Green Tea:- it really works in a very best however powerful way to lessen your weight. You have to keep a right food regimen and exercise alongside this.
  • Slim quick extreme:- This product is most effective for women i.E. It is extra effective in woman gender than male.

These are the best fat burner for women of the loads of various fats burners that are now available inside the market. This top 10 fats burner overview can help you to pick out your own tablet.

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Things Women Adore In Men

All men are the same is a common quote given by women, still they prefer one man on others. Few prefer because of personality and some prefer just because of cute things to say to your girlfriend. But fact is they prefer,. There are certain qualities which they look in a man they want to be with. Let have a look on those.


Women love men with a good sense of humor. The key to win a woman’s heart is the guy’s ability to make her laugh at any point of her life. If you can make her laugh at even the saddest times of her life then she would be yours. They love the way in which men can make them laugh at the simplest of the things and make all of their worries go away in a moment. Women just love the way in which men try to make them laugh and smile may it be sweet things to say or funny jokes which make them forget any thing else in the world.


In a world where physical appearance matters a lot and it is also a criterion for a person’s character judgment, when men love the women irrespective of their appearance, it makes a women fall for them. In this way she knows that her man is interested in herself rather than her personality. It makes a woman realize that he loves her a lot and would love her even if she looks ugly and unattractive.


It doesn’t matter even if she is the strongest in the world, because when she is with her man, he makes her feel safe by doing things such as walking between her and the traffic, helping her through a steep path e.t.c. This makes a women feel safe and protected whenever she is with him.


Even the skinniest of the guys has biceps that make a girl feel small. The girls also love the veins on the men bodies. This make them feel smaller and weaker than the guys, adding in their feeling of security when they are with them.


Women love it when men listen to them very carefully and value their opinion. Women like to talk, everyone knows that. They love to tell someone everything ranging from romantic things to say to awesome stories, about the day they had and when they find such a character in a man, it makes them feel confident and they can lay their ideas on their man. When a man who values what a woman thinks, it increases her love for him.


Women want to be valued and given priority by their man, they want their man to give them some time, listen to them and rather than just staying out with their friends all the time, men must also give them time.


Women do not want to be treated as slaves. They also have got other things to do in their lives, go with friends, go on a trip with their friend e.t.c. Men shouldn’t act like they own the women. The women love those men who let them to do anything in their lives, be anything and do what they want to do.

These were few of the traits. Few others can be found here.


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Treatments For Dog’s Pain


To understand an animal sometimes becomes difficult because they cannot tell if they are in pain. You have to judge from their behavior. If your pet dog is in pain, it can behave differently from routine. It can vocalize more than normal, sleeps more finds it difficult to lie down and sometimes act aggressively. If you see any of the symptoms as mentioned above, your dog might have pain. There can be several reasons for pain, but the treatment is a must.

What Can I Give My Dog For Pain?

When you realize that your dog is in pain, you may think what I can give my dog for pain. Here are different medications that can be provided in a case of suffering.


NSAIDs stands for Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. They help in reducing stiffness, swelling and joint pain. They can also be given to a dog with arthritis. There are NSAIDs only for dogs. They are known as carprofen, deracoxib, firocoxib and meloxicam. Aspirin is also used as a painkiller, but its longer use has many side effects. Coated aspirin is used with diet, and it has no harmful effects on the stomach.

Other Medications:

Sometimes dogs need medications other than NSAIDs. They are known as Gabapentin, Amantadine and Tramadol.

  • Gabapentin:

It is used in the treatments of damaged nerves. It can be prescribed with other drugs. As well. When you start giving this to your dog, it may be sleepy for the first few days.

  • Amantadine:

This medicine is used in dogs for the treatment of arthritis, disk disease and cancer. It has some side effects such as diarrhea and agitation.

  • Tramadol:

Vets give this medicine to the aging dogs to remove discomfort. It has some side effects like dizziness, vomiting and upset stomach.


There are some alternate treatments like glucosamine and chondroitin. They help in reducing swelling and cartilage repair.

All the above-mentioned medications help in reducing pain but they must not be used on your own. The vet’s advice is the best and gives your dog relief from suffering.

Home Remedies for Dog’s Pain:

Here are some home remedies for dog’s pain which are conventional pain medication.



Arnica is used to reduce inflammation, heal wounds and soothe muscle ache. It can release your dog from pain resulting from injuries. Sometimes dogs become restless because of severe pain. They must be taken to a veterinarian.


It is an ancient remedy for dealing with headaches, fevers and arthritis. Use it as a tincture for pain relief.

St. Jon’s Wort:

It speeds up the healing process and reduces pain. It is available in many forms such as oil infusion, tincture and salve.

Some pet parents do not want to give medicines at once. The wish to try something else before medications. For this purpose, they can try some exercise at home. Making your dog walk on a soft field or running on a track can make it feel comfortable. Acupuncture is also considered helpful in relieving pain but the effectiveness varies from case to case.





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The Effects Of Nicotine On Our Body


Nicotine is named after tobacco plant Nicotania Tabacum. It is found in tobacco plants as a whole but the leaves are especially rich in nicotine. It is a colourless liquid alkaline. When it is exposed to sun its colour is changed and becomes brown with a strong smell of tobacco. Its chemical formula is C10H14N2. Once our body develops a taste for Nicotine, we can easily become addictive.

How Long Does Nicotine Stay in Our System?

How Long Does Nicotine Stay in Our System depends on the amount of nicotine inhaled in our body. Nicotine traces are there in blood after 1 to 3 days after last use. This may vary from person to person depending on the health, age and the amount of nicotine used. Urine tests are very commonly used and they are easy as well. In urine test a strip is dipped in to the urine sample and the result is easily determined by positive or negative result. It remains in urine for 3 to 4 days but for passive smokers it is easily detectable for 15 to 20 days. It can be traced in saliva more than 10 days after the last use.

Ways to Clarify Body from Nicotine:

Here are some of the ways with which one can clarify body from nicotine easily:

  • Intake of plenty of water can clear the body from nicotine through urine easily.
  • Fruits and vegetables are rich with fiber, water content and they are also antioxidant. They increase metabolism and can be a great help in excreting nicotine body.
  • There are some foods like egg yolk, onion and garlic which can increase bile productions in liver which becomes helpful for nicotine elimination from body.
  • Exercise can also help in removing nicotine because sweating is a great source of excretion of toxins from body.

Pros and Cons of Nicotine:


Nicotine is high addictive and harmful yet it has some pros.

  • It gives relief from stress.
  • It suppresses appetite that is why it is helpful in weight loss.
  • Increases concentration spans.
  • Its taste gives pleasure to smokers.
  • Since it stimulates the brain the working efficiency is increased.
  • It is included in many pesticides. When nicotine is mixed with some chemicals it becomes a pesticide which can be sprayed on crops.
  • Nicotine has been used in many treatments. Large evidences are there that it may be useful in Parkinson’s disease.




  • First of it may cause death.
  • It may cause many kinds of cancers such as Lungs cancers, Throat and mouth cancers.
  • Signs of aging start showing fast.
  • A bad of odor of nicotine can be smelled easily from body and clothes.
  • It is harmful for teeth as the stains on smoker’s teeth can clearly be noticed.
  • Breathing problems may be faced resulting in asthma.
  • Increases the blood pressure and heart rate.
  • It becomes a cause of osteoporosis.
  • It may become a cause of decrease in fertility.
  • Large expenditures are made on quitting treatment if someone wants to get rid of this addiction.




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