5 love songs that will melt your heart!

Listening to love songs ignites people’s emotions.

Whether it’s a happy or sad love song, it brings back good memories and a lot of complicated feelings. Every love song tells a different story, it’s a complex art that people will never be able to comprehend. You’ve probably heard a lot of love songs, but the following will surely make your heart skip a beat!

  • All of me by John Legend. This song was written by John Legend for wife Chrissy Teigen. The lyrics of the song are so powerful that people from all around the world took notice. Isn’t it heartwarming to hear that someone loves you for your ‘perfect imperfections’? That’s just plain romantic!

all of me

  • On bended knee by Boyz II Men. This song is a bit sad, but nevertheless, very striking. It tells of a love that’s no longer the same. For those who want to regain their lost love, this song is for you. You can listen to it all day and think about the things that went wrong.

boys to men

  • Let her go by the Passenger. Let her go is yet another sad and gloomy love song. Its lyrics centers on expressing how you are able to discover someone’s worth and the extent of your love when you let the one that you love go. The song’s rhythm is slow and draggy, which makes it more emotional.

let her go

  • I choose you by Andy Grammer. Unlike other love songs, I choose you is a song that has a more upbeat tone. It’s a very inspiring. It is used in many weddings as the lyrics convey a very strong message. In life, people have the freewill to choose who to spend life with, thus in the song’s lyrics, “I choose you, to be by my side, I choose you, to hold me at night, It’s the biggest decision I’m about to get right.”

I choose you

  • I do (cherish you) by 98 degrees. I do (cherish you) is a song from the 90’s that is still popular even to this day. It’s one of those love songs that you can listen all day and never get tired of it. The writer of the song basically expresses how life changed upon meeting that one person. “How you opened my life to a new paradise,” is just an example of a very sweet line from the song.

98 degrees

  • Close your eyes by Michael Bublé. While the title doesn’t obviously send a message that it’s a love song, close your eyes is actually a very romantic song. For those who want to dedicate a song for their significant other and show them that they are one-of-a-kind, then close your eyes is the best song. Its lyrics is really sweet and striking.

close your eyes

Stay tuned as we are hoping for a special guest blogger who is going to fill us in on songwriting and how we can repurpose old love songs to make newer more modern versions! – Kate S.


Busking – My Tour Of Australia.

While traveling Australia, I decided to do a little busking. I love busking because I don’t really care if I make any money because I’m doing something I really love. Depending on my mood, I’ll sing, otherwise I’ll just play my guitar… sometimes Spanish classical, sometimes pub favorites. I really love it because not only am I doing something I love and making a few bucks on the side, I get to meet some really cool people.

Although Sydney wasn’t bad, I found my trip to Melbourne much more fun… It seems Melbournians are a lot more friendly and generous (and more relaxed about busking).

It was a warm summer evening and I was a little bored and felt like playing so I sat down on and end of Chapel St in an area I remember as Windsor. I was blown away with the positive energy I received from passersby (and the gold dollar coins they threw me). The Spanish classic music was popular at the start of the evening but later I switched to all-time favorites like “Hotel California” which definitely got more audience engagement.

Aussies are lovely people. I was constantly offered a drinks by partygoers who were unable to finish their “travellers” in time (an Aussie term for a drink you consume on your way to a bar).

But the highlight of the evening was meeting a couple of guys Trevor and Daz (I was told its short for Damain). Trev and Daz sat with me sharing their “travellers” singing along and eventually invited me to a party they were going to.

Before I knew it, I was in the backyard of a houseparty playing sing-alongs to a bunch of new friends that I will definitely keep in contact with.

I ended up hanging out with Trev, Daz and a few others for the next 3 following weekends and I have to say they were the loveliest hosts anyone could ask for! I can’t recommend Melbourne enough to anybody who visits Australia!

While busking throughout Australia I was told by fellow performers that New Zealand is also a great place to visit and especially busk – The best place being Queenstown.

I took their advice as New Zealand has always been on my bucket list… and I have to say it was the best decision I ever made!

My experience busking In Queenstown was so amazing (and profitable) it has prompted me to consider a post on the best places to busk in the world. So stay tuned!

The Power Of Music Videos

While I was recently traveling through Australia, I stopped in Sydney to visit my friend Alana.

Alana is a great musician who sings and plays a number of instruments, but aside from that, she runs spiritual dance parties around the country.

“The divine circus” is an intimate gathering of individuals who join to embrace a deeper meaning to trance music… A spectacular session of live tribal and electronic beats combined with psychedelic lighting and beautifully surreal costumes.

This spiritual dance meeting is not aimed at young party goers. There are no pre-sale tickets or a bar to buy shots and beer. Just pay at the door… You are welcome to bring whatever drinks you choose… Which is usually water.

This meeting is more like a club for people who want to spiritually connect with the music.

When she first started out, the idea was based on friends gathering together to practice their instruments and dance. A place to express themselves musically while socializing.

They hired out a local community hall on a weekly basis, and shared the costs. By sharing the costs, it was a means for forcing them to honor their commitments to gather weekly to participate.

This commitment quickly turned their meetings to an incredible musical experience that made other people wanted to join. A new member introduced brilliant lighting. Before they knew it, members were wearing interesting and crazy costumes.

Suddenly they were making money and were able to invest more money and time into the project.

Alana decided to contact a friend about making a video to promote the new spiritual music club. This is what Alana says was the turning point in “The divine circus” popularity.

Because I had never been to “the divine circus” I had only imagined what it was like. After I had seen the video, I wanted to join!

The introduction of the video has turned Alana’s dance meeting into a profitable business. Alana and her partner have just signed a deal with “Blue Angel” publishers to sell their own DVD’s

I was amazed how affordable video production can be if you know the right people. So amazed that I have decided to have video produced for this site.

Although I am unable afford the budget Alana used, the team she used gave me some really great advice and insights on how to create my own using freelance artists online.

They spent so much time with me going over what options I had and and how to get them done. I want to give a BIG thank you to the team for your amazing help  – If anyone reading this is in Sydney looking for video production be sure to check out Web Videos Australia or contact them here.

The point I am trying to get at is, if you are a musician, you should 100% be making use of promotional video.

Audio promo’s don’t cut it anymore. If you are serious about making money as a musician, be prepared to invest a little money in yourself.

There are some great freelance services sites that offer really cheap rates on anything freelance. Video editors, animators, photoshop experts… You name it.

My favorite site of all is www.fiverr.com

Fiverr has to be the cheapest offering their services starting as low as $5.

So if you want to be successful in the music industry, money is not an excuse anymore for putting off your music video.








Mapping Your Singing Range

How to find your singing range

Discovering your singing range as well as singing in key is a fundamental part of being a vocalist. Among the greatest problems from our instrumental band members is that a lot of vocalists seldom understand what key their music is played.

Knowing how to Spot Read/Sing not just provides the vocalist with a greater singing spectrum, it likewise builds self-confidence in their capabilities and guarantees that the singer can talk about any problems/ideas with fellow artists in a musical language.


Mapping your singing range is easy. First you will need an instrument, ideally a keyboard or piano. If you don’t have access to one, look around for a downloadable version. Otherwise there is a great virtual keyboard that is part of the mini-recording studio you get as a bonus when you buy Singorama 2.0

Practice with playing and singing to middle C and continue to do this right down the scale. All the notes you are capable of singing is your comfortable singing range. When you get to a note that is too low for you, jot down the spot on your keyboard (or you could record yourself on Singorama’s mini-recording studio) and then do the exercise again but this time singing upward.

You now have recorded you limitations from low to high. Count the amount of octaves you were able to sing on your keyboard (not the black keys). There are seven notes to an octave (A-G is 1 octave) When you count all these octaves up – This is your singing range.

This range can be stretched by following simple singing and breathing exercises. Since your voice uses muscles – They can be conditioned just like any other muscle in your body. Only the results are a lot faster that what you would expect from working out other parts of your body in the gym.

When you record your range once you begin singing exercises, your improvements start to become very obvious.

For more info on finding your singing range